Tips to Host Wine Tasting Parties in Your Home

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Tips to Host Wine Tasting Parties in Your Home

Who does not love to have a glass of wine in their hands and to  just chill, chit chat and sip the wine while having good company around? A sip of wine can refresh your mood and vanish all your worries in a matter of moments. Wine hosting parties are such cheerful and fun filling events that no one can resist going on such a party especially in winters. Winter evenings are considered to be best for hosting wine tasting parties. As winter is approaching, we are here to give you some tips on hosting wine tasting parties in your home. These tips are simple, effective and can be followed easily to turn your next wine tasting party in your home into a blast.

  1. Make sure to put some extra effort on the display

The first and foremost thing at any event is the display of things that are being offered at that particular event therefore, it is crucial to give importance to the display and put some effort in making it attractive, eye catching and beautiful. At a wine tasting party, the most important thing is the table on which wine and other appetizers are being served. Make a theme for decorating the table, choose fine cutlery for eatables, add flowers and vases for enhancing the look. Candles and candle stands/holders can play a huge role in adding to the aesthetic. Lastly, do not forget to have two are more kinds of glassware for serving wine on the table.

  1. Choose appetizers correctly

Some kinds of  foods do not go right with wine for instance cheese, steaks and lamb etc. therefore, it is important to choose food that does not ruin the taste of the wine. Always go for neutral food options like snacks, fruits like strawberries, dates berries, pizzas, chips, pastries, bread and so on and so forth.

  1. Requesting your friends and colleagues bring their wine can be useful

Apart from having all wine options at your place all by yourself, you can request your friends and colleagues to come with their favorite wine bottle. This way you can explore more wine options and you can even make it more fun by following  natural wine trend or turning your wine tasting party into some sort of competition where all the guests are excited about seeing the wine that they brought being the winner of the best wine award. This way your party can bring more fun and joy and can kill any chance of boredom left behind.

  1. Choose glasses that make smaller quantity of wine look bigger

Be extra smart and choose glasses that make a smaller quantity of wine look bigger. 2 ounce serving from each wine is quite enough but if you pour this quantity in a glass with broad apex then it would look very less of an amount and can even disappoint your guests. Choose glasses having a narrow apex and long stem.

  1. Have a variety of wine on the table

Let’s make a guess that what can be the most important thing about a wine tasting party? Yes! You guessed it right. It is wine. The most important thing about a wine tasting party is wine itself and therefore, having a variety of wine is the most important aspect of hosting one such party. You can go to the store and buy a variety of your own choice or  can buy wine online.  If you have a good variety of wine on the tables, there can be a tradeoff on any other thing about the party. Take our words when we say this.

  1. Use wine markers for glasses to write names on wine glasses

It gets really confusing when everyone’s used glasses get mixed up. But one can avoid this by investing in wine glass markers for writing the names of glass users on the glasses. The names do not vanish unless they are put in the dishwasher. Everyone keeps their customized glass in front of them on the table and reuses the same glass for tasting another wine. This tip can honestly make the guests as well as the you happy and satisfied.

  1. Do not make the event overcrowded

Make your party more personalized by inviting close friends and colleagues and not just make it overcrowded. Having 10 to 12 favorite people at your party is more than enough. Avoid inviting unnecessary people to the party as it will only add to your hassle. The less people you invite, the more fun you have.

  1. Have a lot of fun

Needless to say have a lot of fun at your party. Make memories by taking pictures, singing songs, chit chatting with your friends, hugging each other, smiling and laughing. Enhance your wine tasting experience with fun filled activities and tasks.

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