Hog Express Rotisserie Barbecue Rentals

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One of the biggest concerns when hosting a party is wondering what to do about the catering. When plenty of guests are coming, it can be challenging to think about how to go about the food. Nobody wants to host a party, end up running out of food, and then have to make last-minute arrangements. 

A great solution to this problem is a good old barbecue.

Ontario is starting to gain a lot of traction in the rotisserie barbecue scene. There are several long-standing hot-spots, and newer styles of culinary connoisseurs are beginning to emerge and satisfy the hungry masses. 

It’s exciting times for anyone that enjoys good barbecue food. However, doing a full BBQ for a gathering is no easy task. 

For larger gatherings, it requires a rotisserie barbecue and someone that knows what they’re doing. That’s where Hog Express Rotisserie Barbecues (H.E.R.B.) comes in to play.

About Hog Express

Hog Express is based out of Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario, and they’re a rotisserie barbecue rental company. They provide rotisserie barbecue rentals that are capable of grilling a whole hog (some units can barbecue multiple hogs using multiple spits) and cater to a wide variety of events.


Hog Express isn’t just about just providing their customers with a rotisserie barbecue. They’re looking to offer a complete barbecue rental experience. As a result, they provide several services capable of providing catering for any gathering. 

Here are the number of services that they provide.

Rotisserie Barbecue Rentals

The company offers a wide variety of rotisserie barbecue units for rental, capable of catering to gatherings of any size. Whether the customers holding a small gathering of 10-20 people or inviting multiple hundreds of guests, Hog Express will provide the perfect rotisserie barbecue unit for the event.

Choose the protein

Not only do Hog Express provide customers with the appropriate rotisserie barbecue unit, but they also offer different types of meat. The company provides a total of six protein options. 

These options include:

  • Whole hog
  • Whole goat
  • Whole lamb
  • Herb-crusted beef roasts
  • Herb-crusted prime rib roasts
  • Honey garlic pork shoulders. 

All of their protein options are exceptional, and customers can choose to order multiple protein options as well. Mix and match to make your events food selection as unique as you are!


Salad doesn’t have to be a boring side dish. Every BBQ should have sides that match the main event in flavor, and that’s how Hog Express approaches their salads. They offer three salad options for customers to choose from: 

  • Potato salad
  • Macaroni salad
  • Coleslaw

All of their salads are fresh and work wonderfully to help balance all the flavor from the meat. Hog Express will provide its customers with a quote depending on the number of guests the client expects (Though be sure to add more for random attendees!)

Additional BBQ Items

Hog Express is all about providing the complete barbecue experience; it’s not all about the meat. 

Several condiments help improve the overall quality of the food at an event. The company provides several options that clients can choose between. These include Kaiser rolls, HERB Sauce Trio, chilled pop, chilled water, and disposable dish packages.

Out of their additional items, the most worth ordering are the brilliant Kaiser rolls and the HERB Sauce Trio. The sauce helps add another dimension to the meat. 

Additionally, Hog Express also provide their clients with coals and barbecue fluid if they require. Specific clients might want to do the coals themselves, so it’s an option that customers will need to select.

BBQ Master

Barbecues require a lot of skill to master and get right, especially if the protein is a whole animal. Hog Express wants their clients to have the best experience possible, which is why they provide a BBQ pit master at the client’s request. 

The pit master will help ensure that all the meat is cooked to perfection, and everyone can sit back and enjoy the food. Depending on the number of guests at the event, Hog Express may recommend multiple BBQ masters to the client.

What Events do Hog Express Cater?

Hog Express caters to all sorts of different events; they’ll provide rental barbecue from a simple backyard event to a significant corporate function. The beauty of barbecue is that it’s suitable for all kinds of events and totally scalable. 

If the client wants to do a wedding or a bachelor party, Hog Express can provide rental barbecue services for all occasions.


Hog Express is one of the leading barbecue rental services operating in the Belleville, Stirling, and Quinte regions in Ontario. Instead of just providing a rotisserie barbecue unit for rent, they give their clients a complete barbecue experience

With high-quality meat and expert BBQ masters, Hog Express is an excellent option for any event!

Contact Information

Hog Express
Hastings County, Ontario
(613) 848-8231


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