The Pros and Cons of Weekly Meal Delivery Services

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Busy families are always looking for ways to save time. Cooking from scratch multiple times per day is out of reach for most people.

With so many hours spent working, taking the kids to school and other activities, and trying to find time to pursue our hobbies, most families are too busy to spend more than a few minutes in the kitchen each day.

That’s where weekly meal delivery shines. Instead of ordering takeout every day, or spending an hour cooking a meal for your family, you can have healthy meals delivered to your door that taste great.

But are these services worth it? Keep reading to find out if meal delivery is right for you.

What Is a Meal Delivery Service?

Meal delivery services are aimed at making the lives of busy people a little easier. We all want to eat great food every day. And we want variety as well.

And that’s exactly what a meal delivery service offers. Shipped straight to your door are full, complete, healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Some services send you the perfect amount of ingredients, so you can still get the experience of cooking and still save time. These types of meals will require between 15 and 30 minutes in the kitchen to prepare.

Other meal delivery services will deliver fully cooked, assembled meals that just need to be heated and served. Consider these factors when choosing the best meal delivery service is for your family.

Pros of a Weekly Meal Delivery Service

The biggest benefit of a meal delivery service is that it saves time. Hand-cooked meals often take an hour or more of work in the kitchen. Not to mention the time spent shopping at the grocery store.

Depending on what type of meal delivery service you choose, you can spend as little as five to 30 minutes in the kitchen and have a gourmet meal ready to go.

You’ll also enjoy healthy living. Meals delivered to your home tend to be much healthier than the food you can get from local restaurants.

Plus, a meal delivery service will provide you with a variety of different foods over the course of time. Instead of just whipping up the same three dishes you normally make during the week, you can start sampling meals inspired by many different cultures around the world.

Cons of Meal Delivery

The biggest problem with meal delivery is the cost. While the average cost per person per meal will be much less than eating out at a restaurant, it will be much more than if you were shopping and cooking for yourself.

It’s also a very resource-intensive process to ship food. Large, heavy-duty boxes filled with dry ice and special packaging supplies are needed to safely ship food. This leads to a lot of waste.

Also, you may or may not have a say in what types of meals are delivered. Oftentimes, you can pick some preferences, but the specific meals are typically chosen by the company, not by you.

Meal Delivery Near Me

Interested in trying a weekly meal delivery service? You can either try ordering from one of the popular online providers, who will ship meals to your home.

Or you can look up local companies that offer proper delivery. That is, one of their staff will actually drive to your home and drop off your food for the week. This might save money over ordering from some of the larger companies.

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