What Type Of Accompaniments Taste Best With Foie Gras?

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Serving foie gras is a delicate process and usually is served as an appetizer. There are lots of rules associated with foie gras and how it is consumed including what it is and how to eat it. While there are accompaniments, it should be such that it does not kill the enhancing taste of the delicacy. To enjoy the culinary treasure of the French cuisine, Foie gras is an exciting and truly remarkable part of it. Usually, it is served with nuts and fruits and sauces that are too strong and seasonings are strictly a no-no. Here are some foie gras accompaniments to know about.  

Baguette And White Pepper 

This is the most common way by which people consume duck liver. With white bread, a slice of foie gras, and some freshly ground pepper. Make sure not to smear it over the bread because it is all about tasting the delicacy, therefore simply try putting a piece on top. If the bread is slightly toasted and the white pepper is freshly grounded, this is what helps in enhancing the flavor of foie gras. 

Fig Jam

This is an extremely satisfying combination that will set your taste buds in tune. This is one of the finest and cannot get better. 

Also, if not fig jam, you could also try out sauces, sweet jams, and marmalade which come with a little bit of sour taste. They heighten the taste of foie gras as it is one of the best ingredients you could serve with it. The light sweetness is known to compliment the duck or goose liver.  

Onion Chutney 

Though it may sound a little unconventional, fried onions impart a sweet taste that suits greatly with the delicacy. Spices with the refreshing flavor add some exquisiteness to the dish which is one you will never forget. Also, make sure not to fry them too much as it could turn bitter. 

Baked Apples

With foie gras, the tender texture of the apples and the sweet aroma goes well. Also, if you want a light salad with it, go for lettuce without any dressing because too much of a strong aroma will not complement the dish. 

Fried Mushrooms 

Chanterelle mushrooms offer a light aroma that would be a great addition to your foie gras. This is why often the delicacy is served with this kind of mushroom. 

These are some of the most classic ways of serving this delicacy. For foie gras, they are the best offering you a traditional taste of the delicacy and quality commitments.

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