Shrimp Dinner Ideas

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Is shrimp in your weekly dinner rotation? Have you shied away from shrimp or other seafood because it seems too complicated for a fast and easy weeknight meal? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Shrimp is a brilliant little protein; it’s packed with nutrition, quick to prepare, and endlessly versatile. Almost every cuisine around the world has a use for shrimp, so you can serve it on Taco Tuesday, Pasta Wednesday, and Salad Thursdays.

Looking for shrimp dinner ideas? Here are a few to get you started:

Taco Tuesdays

Your family loves Taco Tuesdays. Take things up a notch by using shrimp this week. You can keep everything else the same and just sub in shrimp for your regular ground beef or chicken, and things will taste great. Or you can really mix it up and use entirely different flavors. Try some buffalo tacos that feature spicy buffalo sauce and crispy popcorn shrimp. Or create burrito bowls with butterfly shrimp, creamy avocado, black beans, crisp lettuce, and zesty corn salsa. Or what about fajitas with big, fat juicy grilled shrimp? Are your tastebuds dreaming up new possibilities already?

Pasta Wednesdays

It’s pasta night, and you might be tempted to defer to a tried-and-true spaghetti, but why not put something new on the menu this week? Shrimp and pasta go together beautifully in so many ways. Shrimp alfredo, anyone? A creamy alfredo sauce that comes together in minutes paired with any kind of shrimp – grilled, popcorn, sauteed—is always a crowd-pleaser. What about shrimp carbonara? Or shrimp primavera? Our mouths are watering just thinking of it.

Salad Thursdays

Are Salad Thursdays a thing? Maybe not, but they could be if you have shrimp in your freezer. A plain old salad becomes something special when you toss in shrimp. Honestly, you can add shrimp to any of your favorite salads. A cobb salad gets an extra dose of protein from the addition of chilled baby shrimp. A spicy Santa Fe salad becomes more interesting with a handful of grilled shrimp seasoned with cilantro and lime. Grilled, crispy, boiled, or sauteed—shrimp goes with salad. Take your salads from boring to brilliant with shrimp.

Shrimp for Dinner

When it’s time to think about dinner, put shrimp at the top of the list. Most shrimp cooks in minutes, even straight from frozen. Shrimp is perfect for quick and easy weeknight meals. Pick some up from your local grocery store today.

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