Different Types Of Chicken Rice That You Can Try

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Chicken rice is liked all over the world, and chicken is used to make it and is served over rice. There are different ways to make chicken rice, and here are some of the most common ways the best chicken rice is served worldwide.


Singapore and Malaysia love chicken fried rice. It’s chicken and veggie fried rice, and the dish is often sold on the street or included in restaurant meals. In China and Taiwan, chicken fried rice is called jàhng cháo ko gan.

Jew Kit Chicken Rice

Singapore hawker places sell Jew kit chicken rice. “Jai” refers to how hot the rice is cooked. This dish is sometimes called chicken rice, but there are several ways to make it. You can have it with boiled or fried eggs and soy or oyster sauce. Ask for chilli padi if you want something spicier.

Chicken Rice Hainanese

Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia love Hainanese chicken rice. It’s served with chicken soup and pickled veggies or hard-boiled eggs. Chicken is simmered in ginger and soy sauce broth to make it tender and then over steaming white rice. This Hainanese is the best chicken rice served in specific places in Malaysia and Singapore.

Chicken Burrito Rice Bowls

Big flour tortillas loaded with meat and cheese are typical burritos. Rice bowl? The Mexican chicken burrito rice bowl is famous in Asian restaurants and cafes.

Easy-To-Make Chicken Burrito Rice Bowls. Steps:

  • Cook rice as directed (or if you feel adventurous, use your recipe). Make sure it’s cooked through so it doesn’t get mushy later. Add bell peppers or carrots for flavour and colour in this phase. 
  • Next, sauté chicken breast until no longer pink (about 5 minutes). Depending on how hot each individual likes their cuisine, add chilli powder or cayenne pepper. 
  • Finally, mix everything. You’re ready to dine.

Try Some Chicken Rice Today!

You can find the Best chicken rice at some specific places in the world, and it’s trendy in Asian countries. There are many different ways to prepare chicken rice, from the type of meat used to how it’s cooked.

When you’re hungry and looking for tasty food, consider trying some chicken rice!


Chicken rice comes in numerous varieties. Everyone’s happy! Try one of these fresh and delectable dishes. No regrets!

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