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How are Mulling Spices and Cinnamon Sticks Used in Cooking?

Nothing smells more like the holidays than breaking out those warm fragrant spices that we keep locked away until the weather turns cold. It’s as if the spirit of the holiday season is contained within these aromatic seasonings and set free with every steep, grind, and bake.

Traditionally mulling spices and cinnamon sticks can be infused into liquids such as wines, ciders, and eggnog. Of course, it doesn’t have to end with drinks. Mulling spices and cinnamon sticks can be creatively incorporated into a number of delectable dishes. Cinnamon sticks can naturally be ground up to use in pies, apple sauce, and let’s not forget cinnamon’s most famous work, the cinnamon roll.

Mulling spices are a classic combination of nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and orange peel. This perfumed package makes a huge impact on whatever recipe you decide to prepare.

You can get as creative as you want with these pungent spices. Some other ways to infuse these flavors include baked goods, breakfast batters like pancakes and waffles, and even dry rubs for meats.

Recipe Ideas Using Mulling Spices and Cinnamon Sticks

Spices and seasonings are truly the lifeblood of any recipe. They can change the flavor profile in an instant and awaken the senses to a completely exhilarating food experience. Using mulling spices and cinnamon sticks is a potent way to spice up so many different recipes. Below are some tasty ways to use mulling spices and cinnamon sticks to liven up the drink selection at your next holiday gathering.

1. Apple Cider Punch

When the Fall season hits, undoubtedly thoughts of apple picking and apple cider suddenly start to dance in everyone’s heads. This apple cider punch recipe combines everything we love about Fall, and certainly doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option for your guests this recipe is for you! It combines all the flavors of the season and will leave you with that warm cozy feeling.

Simply combine and heat on the stovetop, apple cider or apple juice, frozen lemonade, brown sugar, frozen orange juice, and mulling spices. Once the mulling spices have steeped for a few minutes you can then remove them and your apple cider punch is ready to go! To really pack an extra punch, garnish the warm beverage with some orange or lemon slices and a cinnamon stick to finish it off.

2. Traditional German Wassail

When the weather turns even colder and the snow starts to fall this wassail recipe will absolutely cure what ales you (see what we did there?). Add this effortless adult beverage to your holiday hangout recipe repertoire and your guests will surely thank you.

Once again this libation comes together easily by combining Burgundy wine, water, honey, lemon slices, orange slices, lime slices, and mulling spices by heating them to a light simmer. When all the flavors have married it’s time to serve the warm wassail. This drink can also be beautifully garnished with orange and lemon slices and a cinnamon stick for good measure.

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