How To Find A Suitable Event Planner And Event Management Company

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There is a myriad of event management companies in Johannesburg but finding the right one is critical. Not only do you need an event planner that has a bevy of experience but also one that will have your best interest at heart. The right company can be the deciding factor between a successful event or an awful one. If you want to avoid having egg on your face on your particular day, then there are points you need to keep in mind when looking for the right company to plan your event. You can then have peace of mind trusting the event planner to implement exactly what you want. When looking for an event’s company, here are four tips to keep in mind for success.

They Must Be Organised

An event management company will provide an event planner that will be there for you every step of the way. They will be responsible for helping you envision your event and bring it to life. An event planner needs to ensure that they are on top of the ball, so a quality you must look for is one who has sharp organisational skills. They must also possess a keen eye for detail because their role is to work out an effective strategy for executing the event successfully. Other qualities also include keeping the budget under control, meet deadlines, record even the smallest details, schedule deliveries and keeping the client’s timelines on schedule.

Have Respectable Networking Abilities

Being able to network is an ability that a planner should have because the industry revolves around people and relationships are formed. You can trust that an event planner that is great at networking will have a diverse contact list of professionals. Their list contains experts in various payment brackets including, audio and lighting companies, caterers, photography studios, musicians and DJ’s. These are professionals the planner can call upon to make your event proceed smoothly and with a victory.

 Understanding The Basics

The event planner is the leader, and brings the various teams that will be making your event a reality, together. This means that they must have a grasp on what it takes to make it happen. They must understand what a Request For Proposal or RFP is and creating a simple floor plan that will include the venue’s capacity, working well with caterers and audio technicians, and understand what they need to set up. Such a basic grasp of details also consists of the needs of the florists, décor company and other service providers. It will lead to better relationships between the event management company and the vendors. This is an important skill to search for.

How Well Will They Take Care Of You

It does not matter how good an events company is, but if they mistreat their clients and customers, then the process of organising the event will not be fun. As a client, you will naturally anxious, but your questions should be happily answered and reassurances regularly given to you about the details of the event. This will help ease your anxieties and give you a better indication of the experience of the event planning company. Their experience in how they take care of you will be significant because nothing is a guarantee in this world and things can go wrong. However, when they do, the resilience and adaptability of the company you want to hire will be essential. If the event planner and the rest of the team are relaxed and calm under pressure will put you at ease.

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