New Yorkers can now find out about The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and The Automat Experience thanks to Stratis Morfogen

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In May 2021, businessman and restaurateur Stratis Morfogen gave the public its first chance to eat at a place where no one touched anyone else. He was among the people who changed their minds after going to the COVID meeting. Morfogen’s idea for the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop came from a dish served at one of his well-known New York City restaurants, the Brooklyn Chop House. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop uses automat technology to offer fast service 24 hours a day. The West Village neighbourhood is home to Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

Even though the store is called “Morfogen,” the dumplings sold there aren’t the usual kind (Brooklyn Dumpling House)

Each one is made to look like a “bite” of a sandwich or dish from a different country. Some of these are the Philly Cheese, the Reuben, the Chicken Parm, the Crispy Pork, the Bacon Cheeseburger, and even the Peanut Butter and Jelly for those who want something sweet. Here are some examples of these kinds of things. Vegans and vegetarians now have a lot of options for food, including the always-popular Impossible Burger. The company now has a brand-new meal option called Brooklyn Chop Bowls that can be made to your liking. You can get different kinds of protein in these bowls, like steamed or fried chicken, shrimp, or even “chicken” made from tofu. The bowls are served with a variety of sauces, such as Beijing, Kung Pao, Sweet and Sour, Buffalo Ranch, and the Brooklyn Chop House’s famous Peanut Sauce.

Smart AutoFlow is a piece of technology that makes it easier than ever to place an order

Come to the front of the store, find the touchscreen register there, and start placing your order there. When the ticket is thrown out, a person, not a machine, prepares your food. An “automat,” which is like a warm food locker and is powered by Panasonic and ONDO technology, keeps your meal at the right temperature and cleans the packaging. After opening the door to the vending machine and waiting a few minutes, you can have either lunch or dinner brought right to your house. To top it all off, you can place an order quickly and easily on your mobile device, pick it up by scanning a barcode, and then go about the rest of your day.

The company announced on its website within the last year that it would be opening 19 more locations. Morfogen said in a recent interview that our company has sold 250 franchises and is considering a deal for another 100 units in Dubai. We are different from other franchisees because we are in charge of every step of the process, from building the company to running it. Each of our owners has access to a public forum where they can talk to each other, share ideas, and encourage each other.

Stratis Morfogen plans to add automated drive-thrus to parts of its business outside of New York City in an effort to make things easier for customers and make the business run more smoothly. But for now, the flagship site in New York City’s East Village is the one that is paving the way toward a fully automated, standardised hospitality service around the world. While you patiently wait for a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to open in your neighbourhood, you can take advantage of their many mail-order options and look forward to finding their dumplings in Walmarts across the country by the end of the year.

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