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How to Reduce Stress at Work

Do phrases like “my job’s killing me” and “I can’t wait for the week to be over” come easily to you? If so, you are familiar with stress at work. Many people suffer from workplace anxiety caused by various factors, but some are controllable once identified. Looking at the following common sources of work-related pressure will help you recognize stress triggers. Once you understand what causes your anxiety, you can ease it, so you enjoy rather than dread your job.

Improve your environment

Plenty of office workers suffer from aches, pains, and unnecessary stress because they slump over their desks rather than sit correctly, get too close to the computer screen, and hardly move all day long.

You can’t control all aspects of your workplace environment. Hence, you probably can’t select a different office or do anything about the workmen noisily digging up the road outside the window. But, you can change the way you sit, how close you are to your computer’s monitor, and how often you stretch.

Regularly get up from your desk to stretch, use an ergonomic chair or wedge cushion to help you adopt a healthy seated posture, and position your monitor 20 to 30 inches away from your face to reduce stress instantly.

Get organised

Is your desk messy? If so, finding what you need is hard, and you spend too much mental energy worrying about where you put files and information. People with untidy workstations waste time and face pressure they could easily avoid with better organisation.

Keep your workspace and the surrounding area clutter-free, and cut down on paper usage, so there’s less to pile on your desk. Store data digitally rather than print information, and shred paperwork when it’s outlasted its purpose. Also, place a wastepaper basket by your desk and ensure you have adequate storage containers and deli pots, and you’ll create less stress.

Gain control

Humans are designed to anticipate what will happen next as a survival tactic. At work, though, you may have no control over your destiny during office hours. Workers left in the dark about long-term business plans, goals, and strategies face anxiety.

Communicate if you are unsure about your performance and how well your projects are received or don’t know where the company is heading. Talk to your superior and ask for feedback and relevant data to put your mind at ease and help you do your job.

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