Lamb Burgers: Handy Meal For Your Office

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What is there not to love about lamb burgers? Lamb burgers are simple to make and can be prepared in many ways. When preparing your lamb burgers, have fun with it and switch up the seasoning you choose to use. By doing so you surprise your tastebuds every time.

Food On The Go

For those who live a busy schedule working late nights in the office knowing what to prepare that is quick and simple can add value to your busy schedule. Meal preparation doesn’t have to be hard. To prepare your simple lamb burger recipe start by purchasing ground lamb, pita bread, your favorite cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, avocados, and sour cream. The goal is to prepare enough to eat for up to three days.

Lamb Pita Burger

Sometimes grilled onions can get in the way if you have many toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados. So to still get the taste you’re looking for without having to bite into a high burger follow the steps outlined. Add the chopped red onions to your raw ground lamb meat. By now your ground lamb meat should be well seasoned.

When making the patties if you desire a flattering style patty prepare them round and wide and slightly flattened. By doing so they will cook up not so puffy. While the patties are cooking start chopping your tomatoes and lettuce. Next, cut your avocado and using a blender blend the sour cream and avocado together. Add some salt and paprika to the mixture.

Cut Top Of Pita Bread

  • Cut Enough To Make A Pocket

  • Fill Pita Bread With Cream Sauce Mixture

  • Insert Cooked Patty

  • Add Lettuce And Tomatoes

  • Add Your Favorite Cheese

This recipe is delicious and very easy to prepare. In fact, it’s even easier to grab this meal on the go for work. If you have never made this dish before it’s best to cook one patty to be sure it fits nicely inside of the pita bread pocket. You can absolutely have fun with this dish by adding chopped cucumbers or chopped mangoes if you desire something sweet. This is a great alternative to using a bread bun. Also, you are free to toast the pita bread prior to stuffing it.

Traditional Recipe

For some people, they like to keep things simple and traditional. For this recipe, you would cook your ground lamb just as you would any burger patty. Be sure to add onions and fresh garlic to the ground lamb prior to cooking.

While your patties are cooking you would chop up your favourite lettuce. It could be romaine or iceberg. Slice tomato into thin slices and decide on whether or not you want ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise.

To complete your burger toast your burger buns and smear on your spread. If your a cheese lover now is the time to melt the cheese over the fully cooked lamb burger patty. As you can see you are in complete control. For more easy fun lamb recipes visit website link.

New To The Kitchen

If you are new to the kitchen it is best for you to set a timer and find out how long it takes for you to prepare your favourite meals. You want to be as accurate as possible in your meal planning that way you don’t get stuck in the kitchen when attempting to meet deadlines. The next time you’re on the go now you have a simple home-cooked meal to grab.

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