Is Enameled Cast Iron Better Than Cast Iron Dutch Ovens?

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A Dutch oven is referred to the large pots with thick walls and heavy lids. The tight-fitting lid is one of the important aspects of the cookware as it prevents the steam from escaping and retains moisture throughout the cooking process. That is the reason people often choose this cookware for stewing, slow cooking, and braising.

Typical Dutch ovens are made of cast iron because it can retain heat. Dutch ovens are also made of stainless steel. The enamel Dutch ovens are also made of cast iron but there is a layer of enamel over them. Here we would discuss broadly the topic of cast iron vs enamel dutch oven

Cast Iron Vs Enamel Dutch Oven

The differences mentioned in both kinds of Dutch ovens are mentioned in a few points:

  • Appearance – If the feature of color is important to you, then you should go for the enamel cast iron Dutch oven. You will get a variety of color to choose from and you can choose the color of your choice. Your pot would look prettier and will complement your kitchen decor.
  • Maintenance – Cast iron Dutch ovens require maintenance. You would have to season it as and when required so that the food does not stick to the walls. If it is not given sufficient attention and care, it might get rusted with time. Enamel cast-iron Dutch ovens do not require any maintenance. The enamel layer prevents it from rust.
  • Durability – The enamel layer of the Dutch oven can chip and crack in due course of time. The outer layer can even come out if the cookware is bumped against a tough surface or during the time of washing. With a plain cast-iron Dutch oven, you would not face any such difficulty. You do not have to treat the cookware gently and it would last for a lifetime, even if you use it every day.
  • Stickiness – If the Dutch oven is not coated, the cooking surface can be sticky especially when it is new. To prevent your food from sticking, you would have to season it regularly and build a layer of nonstick coating. Enamel cast-iron Dutch ovens are blessed with a smooth cooking surface that would allow you to cook without any sticking hassles.

Cast iron Dutch ovens are dark-colored pieces while enamel ones have various shades of color to suit all preferences. Different people would emphasize on different features of the Dutch oven. The comparison of enamel vs cast iron dutch oven would help you to buy the best product for your kitchen.


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