How To Enjoy a More Authentic Italian Meal

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Popular foods like spaghetti and meatballs and pepperoni pizza originated from Italy. However, most Americanized versions of these and other Italian foods are far from traditional. If you’re looking for a more authentic approach to this type of cuisine, these tips can help you enjoy a deliciously genuine Italian meal.

Enjoy a Good Glass of Wine

Nothing complements a tasty meal quite like some delicious Italian wines Napa CA. It doesn’t take much to learn how to choose the right one for your meal. When dining out, ask your server for the right pairing; it all depends on the main ingredients in your dish of choice. For a multi-course meal, they may even recommend a few different options. You can still enjoy a great wine when you’re eating at home too. A quick online search can offer you some guidance before you head out to the store to grab a bottle for dinner.

Swap the Salad for Antipasti

While starting the meal with a salad is a very American practice, you won’t find this option on most authentic Italian menus as a first course. Traditionally, a salad is enjoyed at the end of a meal to help aid in digestion, if one is served at all. Instead, start your meal with an antipasti platter. This appetizer typically consists of meats, cheeses, and brined or pickled vegetables, such as peppers or olives.

Keep Dessert Light

Most Italian meals are very filling, with multiple courses and plenty of meat, plus pasta or bread. For this reason, dessert should be a fresh and light complement rather than another heavy course. A variety of fruits or a nice espresso is often the perfect ending to an Italian meal. Cakes and pastries are usually reserved for holidays and special occasions.

Whether you’re traveling, eating out, or cooking at home, you can enjoy a more authentic Italian experience at any time. Above all, keep the food fresh and share it with people you care about to make the most of every meal.

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