Factors To Consider When Purchasing An Industrial Rice Cooker

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You’re an excellent cook for your household. Your family relishes your meals and especially the perfect rice dishes you often cook for them.

One day, you host a party in your home and they all want a taste of your sumptuous rice. And boom! You run helter-skelter trying to find a sizeable pot that will sufficiently prepare rice for a large number of people. Will your rice dish be a success or a downer?

Cooking a rice dish for many people can be a reality if you use an industrial rice cooking machine. It cooks the rice evenly and efficiently.

Tips For Buying the Best Rice Cooker

  1. The energy source

You can either buy a gas or electric cooker.  An electric rice cooker is easy, clean, and the most efficient. Plug the rice cooker socket into a power outlet and the light indicator will go on to start cooking. An electric rice pot evenly distributes heat to cook food systematically and uniformly.

Modern electric rice pot saves energy because it does not take long to preheat. Buy from reliable a professional manufacturer to ensure quality products. It also produces consistent heat while cooking so that there’s no waste. In the end, the food is evenly cooked,tasty, and soft toeat.  And because the rice cooker is portable, you can cooker from anywhere you wish so long as there’s a power supply.

Gas rice pot cooks tasty, soft, fluffy rice. Propane gas is expensive but gives the same results. On the other hand,propane gas is cheaper than propane.  Gas cooks the food directly from the fire. Therefore,food cooks faster than when cooking with an electric-operated rice pot.

  1. Pot capacity

Choose a rice cooker that can hold the amount of rice you need for your guests. A for fluffy, well-cooked rice, the pot should hold at least one more liter than the rice you’re cooking.

Rice cookers are labeled by the number of liters they hold; 6, 10, 15, or 25 are the common capacities in the market. Buy a capacity that can hold the volume of rice you need for your guests.

  1. Rice pot settings

Rice cookers are designed for different dishes. One pot can have slow cooking, another fast, or the combination of the two. Some rice pots have a steam option while others have an automatic setting that needs the push of a button from the side.

Read the manual provided to understand the other settings that may be unique to your cooker. Most of them offer different heat settings, designs, indicators, and more. If you want one with more settings means you’ll pay more.

  1. Maintain it warm

You’d want a pot that maintains food warm for longer.  The timer on the rice cooker helps to set the pot to the desired warm period. This means one does not have to keep opening the pot time and again to see if the food is cooked. One can also attend to other activities as the food is cooking. The feature ensures the food is not overcooked and saves energy by automatically switching off once the food is ready.

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