3 Fun Things To Have at Your Wedding

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Your wedding will be the best day of your life, and you want to ensure that your guests have a good time, too. You can do that by having fun, interactive things for your guests to do. Here are some enjoyable things you can have at your wedding celebration.

1. Photo Wall

You might be the center of attention at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean your guests don’t want to feel special, as well. Consider having a photo wall at your wedding, so your guests can pose for pictures and feel like they’re on the red carpet. You could even include silly props for the photos if you want some playful pictures. Make sure you hire a photographer that will work solely on the photo wall. That way, another photographer can take photos of the other parts of the celebration.

2. Vending Machine

If you and your spouse are known for your quirkiness, then you should think about having a vending machine dispense the desserts for your reception. Work with a local bakery to make and package various treats that you can put inside of a vending machine Pittsburgh PA that you rent specifically for the party. Then, your guests simply type in the code for what they want to have dispensed to them. They’ll be lining up, waiting for their turn to choose their dessert. 

3. Games

When most people are at weddings, they dance a bit, catch up with old friends, and then go home. Create an environment that your guests never want to leave by giving them something more to do. You can do that by offering games for them to play. Instead of pulling out board games, choose giant options to make things more fun. You can go with a stacking block game, giant dice, or large checker mat so your guests can play chess or checkers. 

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