How are Vegetable Fed Chickens better than Commercially Raised Chickens? 

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If you’re a non-vegetarian, there’s absolutely no way that you wouldn’t like chicken dishes. Chicken is almost like a regular staple diet that’s considered to be the most nutritious meal of the day. You don’t always have to order the dish. There are so many wonderful chicken recipes that can be easily made at home. Having said that, things do not randomly end with buying any poultry. What you need to buy is vegetable/grains fed poultry.

Well, don’t be surprised. Every single food item has varieties and so do chickens. The variation that we’re talking about, though, matters the most. Let’s help you develop a closer understanding of what you’re actually eating. 

Commercial Poultry vs Vegetable Fed Poultry 

Most chickens and eggs that are available widely are commercially prepared. It means that the commercially raised chickens could be injected with growth hormones. Besides, their diet is not really regulated and monitored. They are fed on almost anything that ranges from animal fat to even feces. It sounds disgusting, but it’s true. How do you expect to gain nutrition from animals that were raised on an unhealthy diet. 

On the contrary, the vegetable fed farm chickens like the ones sold by Les fermes d’Isabelle are the healthy ones. The benefits of eating vegetable fed chicken are as follows. 

  1. These chickens are healthy since they’re raised on a healthy meal.
  2. They offer high-quality protein and are rich in antioxidants. Which means, they’re actually good for health. 
  3. The flesh from vegetable fed chickens is very tender, very fresh, and very juicy. 
  4. They’re not at all harmful. The two main reasons that we’re saying this are, a) the grains that they are fed are cultivated on natural fertile soil, not the soil that’s treated with chemicals to increase the yield and b), they’re not injected with artificial growth hormones. It means that you’re not ingesting anything that can be a health hazard. 

The much hyped grains that vegetable fed chickens are given usually include soybeans and wheat. In fact, the diet is changed from time to time depending upon the age of the chicken. Experienced breeders usually change the diet 4 times during the 12 weeks of growth. As a result, the chickens are raised with great care so that they grow up to be healthy and nutritious. On the plus side, they taste ten times better than commercially grown poultry. 

To sum up, if you’re someone who really values health and keeps it above everything else, you wouldn’t think twice before switching to vegetable fed livestock for the sake of eating only what’s natural and healthy. 

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