Find The Best Traditional Fish & Chips Shops In Victoria

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Victoria is the epicenter of numerous culinary delights in Australia. That’s why it’s got many restaurants that serve traditional and modern food. Some people even claim that you can find food from all cultures in the world in Victoria. 

If you want to indulge your appetite with a delicious snack of fish and chips, there are many great shops you can visit in Victoria. Some like Flaky Jake’s Fish & Chips will serve you food that will leave you licking salt off your fingertips, while others will make you desire to come back for more.

Here are the best traditional fish and chips shops in Victoria:

  • Hooked Fish And Chipper

If you visit this shop, you’ll meet images of salty sea dogs, Olive Oil, and Popeye on its walls and bathroom doors. The owners claim that these are meant to give you an appetite for the delicate fish and chip experience you’re likely to get in this shop. 

They specialize in offering traditional British Fish and Chips. This meal features a flaky, blue grenadier slab covered with chunky chips. To complete this meal, they’ll add you a scoop of perfectly textured mushy peas. Those who’ve eaten in this shop say that their chips taste more like a roasted potato like a French fry. 

  • Tommy Ruff Fish Bar

This isn’t any ordinary takeaway corner shop. It boasts dangling lights, a glowing pirate skull, and elegant mosaic-tiled floors. Their menu has chubby fish bites, herb-salted chips, prawns, and calamari. They also have some sophisticated items like tomato mussels and gluten-free fish tacos. Their services are friendly and would make you want to come back for more.

  • Ebi Fine Food

This shop is popularly known for its pho than fish. That notwithstanding, it serves fantastic British and Japanese fish and chips. Also, they do blue grenadier, sweet kewpie mayonnaise, and crunchy chips. You can also order a side salad sprinkled with nameko mushrooms and bracken ferns. This shop’s tofu cheesecake, bento boxes, and veggie balls have made it a great lunch destination.

  • Sea Salt

This shop was recently expanded, meaning you can now feast indoors. Their fish and chips feature a classic, flaky-fresh grenadier fillet encased in crunchy batter served with starchy chips. If you’re not satisfied by the portion they offer you, you can order additional crumbed delicacies like calamari rings, prawns, and scallops. 

Their grilled fillets that are sprinkled with chili ginger marinade can also thrill you. But if you like raw seafood, you can select their sashimi, sushi, and hand rolls. 

  • Hooked Fish

This shop is your best fit. If you want to eat some classic British cuisine, they have different meal options that’ll serve your needs. If you don’t eat gluten, they’ll offer you many gluten-free options. They prepare their meals with the utmost concern for your health. The beauty of this shop is that they have various branches within Victoria. 

The Bottom Line 

Victoria has a lot of fish and chips shops. Most of them offer various delicacies that’ll meet your appetite needs. These are but a few shops that you can visit to eat fish and chips in Victoria. 


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