Consuming Saffola products to maintain holistic healthy lifestyle

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Saffola honey is 100 percent natural and pure and is derived from the finest hills of India. Being rich in natural sugars, honey is an instant energy source for any type of physical activity. A good source of flavonoids, saffola honey helps strengthen the body’s immunity. Saffola Oats are designed by dietitians to fulfill the nutritional needs of adults and help in maintaining a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Saffola is about a holistic healthy lifestyle. Our products, services, and expert advice inspire you to live better, eat healthier, drink better, and enjoy life. A health risk is a medical condition that may increase the likelihood of developing a disease. Saffola Honey and Saffola Oats are two such products that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle only if you begin using them today.

Saffola Honey enjoys the unique advantage of being the only honey that has been clinically tested for its heart health benefits. As a result, Saffola is the only honey brand in India to be endorsed by the Indian Heart Association under an exclusive 5-year deal and is a partner of choice for a national campaign on healthier lifestyle choices. Saffola is a leading edible oil brand in India with a presence across oils, ready to eat and oatmeal products. Saffola is present in more than 20 countries including India, the US, ASEAN, and the MENA region. The portfolio includes Saffola Gold cooking oil, Saffola Total cooking oil, Saffola Life cooking oil, LaDiva olive oil, and saffola oats.

At Saffola, our unflinching commitment to make healthier edible oil is evident in our total purity promise and the science that ensures it. Our superior expertise in R&D and concerns for a healthy future together have helped us create products that are 100% healthy, natural, and safe to use. All we need now is your trust. We will do everything possible to keep it as long as we live. Saffola offers a wide range of premium products for the entire family, ranging from Honey & Oats, Oils and Pancakes, to a variety of Atta.

Saffola Oats is a natural source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber, which helps deliver sustained energy. It contains soluble fiber that helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. Use Saffola Honey to add natural sweetness and deliciousness to your beverages, shakes, or smoothies. Saffola Honey is a naturally delicious bee product perfect for health-conscious, who like to use natural additives instead of artificial sweeteners.

Saffola Oats is a nutritious choice for your family to start the day with. It is rich in dietary fiber and low in sugar, sodium, and cholesterol. The oats cook up fast into thick porridge within just 7 minutes of soaking, making it an ideal breakfast solution for families on the go. Saffola Oats contain the goodness of natural wholegrain oats along with the nutrition of Pro Vitamin-A & Iron, Protein and Calcium. Saffola honey is 100% pure and natural honey sourced from nectar-rich flowers of the hilly regions, where pollution levels are low. As India’s only certified “Complete Healthy” honey brand, it has antioxidant properties to help boost immunity and fight infections.

The goodness of two – Tasty, nutritious oats with the goodness of honey. It is a good source of protein and 5 essential vitamins, This product is fortified with the goodness of A1 milk, Contains at least 4gm of fiber and soy protein per serving, Contains at least 0.2gm ashwagandha per serving. Saffola Honey is a natural sweetener. Saffola Oats is for a holistic healthy lifestyle. Both of them are made with the finest quality ingredients, to keep you fit and healthy. Saffola has always been at the forefront of providing goodness to its consumers and helping them lead healthy lives. Our product portfolio provides the right balance of ‘good fats’ and important nutrients that our body needs.

The Saffola Oats & Honey Granola bars are an indulgent combination of oats, almonds, and honey. These wholesome ingredients are perfect for a quick & filling snacking experience. The benefits of classic oats and crunchy almonds come together with the delicious taste of honey for a scrumptious bar that both adults and children will love.

Saffola Gold is enriched with the goodness of essential fatty acids & multigrain. It contains balanced Omega-3 & 6. These are considered to be essential fatty acids and must be consumed through diet as our body cannot naturally produce them on its own. Saffola Gold has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and is a good cooking oil for people with cholesterol concerns. Now enjoy the goodness of oats and honey with Saffola Oats and Honey. This product is high in dietary fiber. It contains alpine, betas, and gamma glutamine, which help to lower cholesterol. It has no added artificial colours or preservatives.

Saffola oats are a 100 percent natural filling breakfast that helps to fight cholesterol and heart diseases. Saffola honey with tulsi, ginger, and black pepper extracts is curated to help you enjoy the first sip of your day right. Saffola Honey can be used as a substitute for sugar to sweeten your tea and coffee. It is also ideal for smoothies, marinades, or in recipes where the primary flavor profile is that of honey. Not only is it convenient, but it also offers health benefits, as compared to white sugar. Use Saffola Honey to replace processed sugar in your diet and you are already one step closer to striving towards a healthier lifestyle.

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