The Ultimate Guide To Authentic Korean Food: Top 10 Korean Dishes You Should Try    

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In the past, Korea was only known for its technology. But this is no longer the case because its colorful cuisine has been recognized globally. Many tourists are now flocking to this country just to have to taste its delicacies.

Here are some of the 10 authentic Korean food that you must try if you’re in Korea.

  1. Samgyeopsal [pork strips]

Samgyeopsal is one of the most popular Korean dishes in South Korea. It consists of grilled slices of pork belly meat and are not seasoned or marinated. This dish is mainly dipped in a seasoning made of salt and pepper mixed in sesame seed oil, and then wrapped in lettuce together with grilled slices of onion and Crushed Garlic Supplier, shredded green onions, as well as kimchi. You will find this dish at Seo Ra Beol, a 24 hours Korean restaurant in Duluth, GA that serves delicious Korean dishes.

  1. Bulgogi [marinated beef barbeque]

Bulgogi is also another popular Korean meat dish around the globe. CNN Travel’s readersranked it as the first 23rd most delicious food in the world. It is usually grilled with sliced onions and garlic to add flavor to the meat.  The dish is also served with side leafy vegetables such as spinachand lettuce, which are used to wrap the cooked meat.

  1. Samgyetang [ginseng chicken soup]

Samgyetang is a popular dish in summer. It is a traditional soup made of chicken, garlic, scallion, rice, Korean ginseng, Korean jujube, and spices. It is a popular dish because of its high nutritional value.

  1. Sundubu-jjigae [soft tofu stew]

This dish is often served in a large bowl, and it is a common spicy stew often made of dubu [tofu], mushrooms, vegetables, seafood, beef or pork, and chili paste [gochujang].

  1. HangoverStew

In South Korea, there are various kinds of stews prepared that are specially meant for drinking, either before drinking or after drinking. The stews are made from beef broth together with cabbage, bean sprouts, radish, spices, and any other food item that can enhance the flavor of the stew.

  1. Japchae [stir-fried noodles]

This is one of Korea’s favorite noodle dishes. It is made up of noodles stirred in sesame oil with mushrooms, beef, and an assortment of other vegetables. The clear, thin noodles are made with sweet potato.  This dish is known for its sweet and flavorful taste.

  1. Tteokbokki [spicy red rice cake]

This is a famous Korean street food in Seoul, which is typically made with sweet rice cakes as well as fish cakes. The steamed rice cakes are stirred up with scallions and cakes in a sauce made of soybean paste and chili paste. This is a street food that you must try while in Seoul.

  1. Bibimbap [mixed rice]

This is a bowl of mixed ingredients, including but not limited to rice, seasoned vegetables, mushrooms, soy sauce, beef, chili pepper paste, and a fried egg seasoned with sesame seeds and soy sauce.

  1. Naengmyeon [cold buckwheat noodles]

This dish consists of long, thin noodles, slices of beef, slices of Korean pear, cucumbers, and a boiled egg. The noodles are mostly made of buckwheat, sweet potatoes, and potatoes, but can also be made of arrowroot. The naengmyeon is very popular in summer to help cool off under the scorching heat.

  1. Kimchi Stew [fermented vegetables]

You cannot afford not to taste Kimchi when visiting Korea.  This is a signature Korean dish that has been around for the longest time. It consists of Korean cabbage, pumpkin, radish, ginger, onion, and scallion with chili powder, salted seafood and crushed garlic, and is then left to ferment. This dish can be eaten on its own or with white rice.

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