5 Health Benefits of Almond Butter

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About one in four Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year. Of these Americans, about 45% plan to improve their diets. Another 44% aim to lose weight.

By adding almond butter to your diet this year, you could accomplish both! On the fence about shopping for the best almond butter online? Here are five delicious health benefits to consider first.

Learning about the health benefits of this nut butter can help you make a nutritious, informed decision. You might find almonds are the perfect food to add to your healthy diet this year!

Read on to discover the amazing benefits of eating more almond butter today.

1. Protect Your Cells

Adding almonds to your diet could ensure you protect your cells, skin, and brain.

Almonds could support multiple bodily functions. They’re a great source of antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols. These compounds could support your overall health.

For example, antioxidants are able to protect the body’s cells from harmful free radicals. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E, too. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can support your skin, blood, brain, and vision health.

Adding more almonds to your diet through a delicious nut butter could increase your antioxidant intake.

2. Avoid Hunger Pains

If you want to accomplish your health goals in the upcoming year, it helps to curb your diet and avoid unnecessary snacking. You can buy almond butter to help curb your hunger pains.

Raw almonds can help support your appetite control goals. Even one ounce of almonds (or two tablespoons of nut butter) can produce feelings of satiety. When you feel full throughout the day, you’re less likely to reach for fattening snacks.

3. May Support Weight Loss

If you want to shed a few pounds this year, purchase almond butter online. Almonds or almond butter can keep you on track with a nutritious snack. A healthier snack option can help you avoid processed foods.

4. Consume Healthy Fats

Adding the right fats to your diet could support your weight loss goals as well. Foods with monounsaturated fat can help manage inflammation. They can also reduce your risk of cardiovascular conditions.

Nut butters are a great source of healthy fats. You can look here for more info.

5. Boost Cholesterol and Gut Health

Eating more almonds can also reduce total cholesterol. You can lower the LDL cholesterol, which causes plaque buildup in your arteries. Meanwhile, you can also preserve good HDL cholesterol.

The best almond butter can support your digestive system, too. A healthy gut microbiome can support your body’s ability to fight off diseases. It can also delay the onset of hunger. 

Get Nuts About Almonds: 5 Delicious Health Benefits of Almond Butter

Adding nut butters to your diet could help support your health goals for the year. Consider adding almond butter to your routine. Consuming more almonds can improve your digestion, cholesterol, and so much more!

Experience these health benefits firsthand by adding more nut butters to your diet today.

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