Artisan Peanut Butter: What Sets It Apart?

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First, there was the creamy or chunky debate. Then you had to decide if you wanted natural peanut butter. And in recent years, other nut butters have been on the rise.

Alongside almond butter and cashew butter comes a noteworthy newcomer: artisan peanut butter. It seems that peanut butter will always be America’s favorite nut. Artisan peanut butter has upgraded the conventional grocery store varieties that we’ve all grown up with.

What even is artisan peanut butter, and what makes it so special? Read on to learn all about why foodies are going nuts for this tasty treat.

The Great Debate: Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Peanut butter has been a beloved treat for years. However, its health benefits are widely debated. So what’s the scoop − Is peanut butter healthy or not?

Well, it depends. Peanut butter has many health benefits. It’s packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. So why does it have so many haters?

This grocery store staple also has a dark side: it’s heavily processed. Conventional peanut butter brands add all kinds of nasties like sugar, vegetable oil, preservatives, and the dreaded trans fats.

Many would argue that these additives negate the health benefits of eating peanut butter. However, when it comes to artisan peanut butter, you don’t have to make this compromise. Artisan peanut butter is made by hand with superior ingredients — which don’t include the unhealthy extras found in traditional peanut butter brands.

Artisan Peanut Butter’s Superior Ingredients

Artisan peanut butter has an advantage over traditional grocery store brands like Jif and Peter Pan. It’s made by hand in small batches, which means that the ingredients used are top-notch.

Those who craft artisan peanut butter select high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. They see the downsides of additives in traditional peanut butter, and they strive to make something better.

The result is a high level of control over each and every ingredient. Some artisan peanut butter makers even develop relationships with the peanut farmers to ensure that the peanuts they use meet their quality standards. Their smaller operations give them the added advantage of being able to closely control the ingredients they select.

They also focus on health benefits; low carb, gluten-free, and organic varieties are common. And since it is made in small batches, artisan peanut butter doesn’t need added fillers or preservatives. This means the delicious peanut butter that we all love just got healthier (and more delicious).

Artisan Flavors

Perhaps the best part of artisan peanut butter is the selection of flavors. If you thought there were already enough types of peanut butter, think again.

Let’s take a quick glance at an American company producing artisan peanut butter. Flavors like s’mores, cinnamon toffee crunch, cookie batter, and white chocolate pretzel make this artisan peanut butter sound like a luxury dessert instead of the healthy snack that it is.

(Side note — if your mouth is watering as much as ours, find out more about how you can get your hands on these dreamy artisan peanut butter flavors).

With so many flavors to choose from, you’d be hard-pressed to determine the best artisan peanut butter. Our suggestion? Don’t let that stop you from trying them all!

Try Artisan Peanut Butter

The debate is no longer just between creamy and crunchy types of peanut butter. Artisan peanut butter has hit the market with a bang. With its superior quality and a huge variety of flavors, you’re sure to find one that you’re nuts about.

Grab a spoonful of artisan peanut butter today and enjoy it while reading our other articles about tasty treats.

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