Cooking Delicious Recipes with Pork Hocks – Some Delicious Information for You

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If you look through the cuisines of different countries, then you will notice that every country has their own taste preference. In case of Vietnamese cuisine, the main ingredient is fish sauce, in case of Indian foods, the main ingredient is garam masala, and in case of American foods, the main ingredient is ham hocks.

Ham hocks is actually the part of the pig that is also known as pork knuckle. If you wish to purchase ham hocks for your recipe, then feel free to visit Circle B Ranch. They are the family-owned ranch that offers excellent quality cured pork hock at best prices. 

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Using of Ham Hocks

Ham hock is the part of the pig that is rich in collagen and fat. This ingredient is best suited for such dishes that require more time for cooking such as collards, soups, etc. The extra cooking of the pork knuckle adds a special kind of flavor to the recipe, as there will be release of rich ingredients from the pork knuckle part to the preparation.

Pork Knuckle and Its Nutritional Facts

It is discovered that the nutritional value of the pork knuckle is quite rich, when compared with the other non-vegetarian products. Here is a detailed explanation of the vitamin supplements present in the pork knuckle.

  • Pickled pork hocks consist of 10.54 grams of fat. They also are rich in cholesterol of about 89 milligrams
  • Consuming 100 grams of pork hocks per day is suggested, as the quantity can contribute to the daily requirement of 9% calories to your body.
  • Pork knuckle is not rich in fiber or carbohydrates. However, you can enjoy adding protein of about 19.11 grams, water of 68.02 grams and sodium of 1,050 milligrams to your body, by the consumption of 100grams of pork hocks.
  • Finally, pork hocks are very rich in some of the Vitamins such as Vitamin A (76 IU), Vitamin B-9 (1mg) and finally Vitamin B-3 (1.1mg).

People prefer eating pork knuckle as per their taste preference. People even enjoy adding different kinds of seasonings so as to bring out a unique flavor in their preparation.

Cured Meats

Cured meats are actually the type of meats that are marinated with salt in such a way that they stay usable for longer time duration. If the meat is kept just like that, then there are higher chances of meat getting damaged from bacterial or fungal attacks because of the exposure to environmental influence. Cured meats will be subjected to different processes so as to preserve the flavor and color of each meat piece.

Normally, pork hocks will be smoked thoroughly, so as to store them for a longer time duration. This will not only help with the preservation of the meats for a longer time, but will add a layer of smoky flavor to the meat.

Sometimes, pork hocks are freeze dried to use them for many months. Such freeze-dried meat will be exposed to the room temperature for about 7 to 8 hours before they are subjected to cooking. This will offer enough time for the freeze-dried meat to get back to their normal juicy and soft mode. 

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