What to consider when choosing a wedding venue

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Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events that should never go wrong unless you are doing rehearsals for the big day. While every decision that you make will affect the overall success of the event, other choices are more weighty than others, such as choosing the venue and reception center. The good thing is that after scoring the right venue, you can now contact a service provider for catering services nyc to facilitate food and beverage logistics. The main benefit of using catering services at a wedding is classic food options. It is also an affordable meal-planning option.

So, what are some of the things that you need to consider when choosing a wedding venue? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:



  • Number of venues needed


How many venues do you need for the wedding? Such a question is necessary to ask yourself because you can either use one venue or multiple venues for different activities such as church service, reception, and photoshoot. However, that will entirely depend on your budget or aesthetics. It can also depend on the overall number of guests that you anticipate will attend. For instance, having many guests may mean that some activities will need a separate location such as photo shooting.  


  • Location/Accessibility


The location will significantly determine the venue’s accessibility in terms of time and passage. How long will it take the guests to drive there from the nearby town? Are the roads passable when it is rainy? Most venues are located on off roads where there are natural flora and fauna, and so you shouldn’t undermine the possibility of getting stuck. 


  • Restrictions


Restrictions can be there on many elements, especially if you are planning to have a night dance to mark the ceremony. You must be keen on all the restrictions before signing up for the venue lest your guests suffer the wrath of local authorities. For instance, you must check whether the venue’s management permits smoking or not. You should also check whether they allow the consumption of alcoholic products within the venue or not. 


  • Budget


Lastly, nothing will go on without a budget. What percentage of the overall wedding budget are you willing to spend on a venue? Remember, you also need to consider the number of venues that you settle for. It is, however, advisable to settle on one large venue where everything, including reception and photoshoot, can take place. While most venues will charge an hourly rate, others may charge a fixed price for the whole day. You must also ensure that the venue comes with necessary facilities or amenities for the comfort of your guests. For instance, the kind of chair and tents that will be used should reflect what you paid for the same. Washrooms should also be within the vicinity. 

Other things that you might want to consider include a back-up plan and your instincts. Back up plans are a must because a sudden weather change can render a particular venue void. You also need to trust your guts and instincts when choosing a venue.

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