Tips for Getting More Views on Your Instagram Posts

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Instagram is one of the most addictive apps at the moment. It is difficult for many, especially those from the younger generation to go a day without logging in to their Instagram accounts. This makes it one of the best platforms to reach out to a broader audience. Businesses and influencers should make good use of this platform. You also have the option of opening a business account which comes with features that make it easy for you to understand the progress you are making in pushing your products. Several analytic tools will help you know the impressions your posts are getting.

If you are using a normal account, you can gauge this using simple features like the number of comments, views and likes you get. Instagram views have become a common measure of interactions, especially now when many are posting short and long videos. The app has extended the length of videos one can post from the initial 15 seconds to 60 seconds. There is also IGTV which lets you post longer videos of a maximum length of 60 minutes. These are some of the popular avenues to gauge the number of views you get.

You can also measure them through your Instagram stories. Getting more views might be difficult if you are running a new account and want to grow it. You can buy views from online avenues like img (image anchorй) that will help you get more views fast and at an affordable rate. Gaining more followers and growing your account is easy when you get more views on your post. This is because you will get featured to a high number of non-followers who will follow you. Apart from buying views, there are several other strategies you can use that will help you get more views on your posts. They include: 

Focus on Your Content

The kind of content you publish plays a crucial role in helping you gain more views on your videos. You should focus on posting captivating videos that will capture the attention of your followers. Try out funny videos that also help push your product or service.

Use Influencers

Using influencers in your videos can attract more views. This could be musicians, actors or other celebrities who have a huge fan base. Many will be eager to see their favorite celebrities, and this may increase the number of views you are getting on your posts.

Attractive Captions

Certain people read captions before they start watching videos. This gives them a clue about what they are about to watch. You can target this audience by using attractive captions that will make them watch your Instagram videos.


Running promos and giveaways on your Instagram can encourage many to watch your videos. You can share an actual post and state reasons why they should watch the videos you are about to post and what they get to win afterwards. Your video will record a high number of views as a result. 

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