3 Common Causes of Cancer Foods

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Today, cancer is among the deadly disease globally. It affects different body parts, including the kidney, lungs, pancreas, stomach, liver, and blood vessels. The condition occurs due to the development of abnormal cells that destroy the normal functioning of the body tissue. More various factors contribute to the widespread of cancer disease. Below we have discussed some common causes of cancer disease

Environmental Factors

Different environmental factors can directly or indirectly expose someone to cancer risk. For instance, direct inhalation of asbestos at the workplace causes mesothelioma cancer. Chemical components like fertilizers and pesticides also increase cancer risk. Similarly, a non-smoker can inhale the second smoke leading to lung cancer. Other environmental factors include ultraviolet light, inflammatory conditions, benzene, and talcum powder. Many reliable health specialists have joined hands to offer treatment for various cancer types like breast cancer Newport Beach.

Genetic Factors

The inherited factors have an impact on cancer risk contribution. If your family has a cancer history, you are likely to go through a similar experience. The mutation can pass from one generation to another. A genetic cancer disorder such as Lynch syndrome causes uterus or colon cancer. The genetic changes mainly occur after birth, where a parent passes the altered genes to the child at an early stage.

Behavioral Factors

The primary behavioral factors that significantly contribute to cancer risk include unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, and physical inactivity. Alcohol has ethanol that can damage your body cells, causing cancer of the stomach, throat, or liver. Similarly, smoking tobacco increases the risk of lung cancer. Various institutions have implemented measures to help people with better lifestyle choices, such as eating healthy foods and watching their diet. Besides causing obesity, excess fat leads to rectal or colon cancer.

Various factors increase the chances of cancer risk in the body hence leading to countless death worldwide. Albeit not all factors are preventable, different measures like making the right lifestyle choices offer ways to reduce cancer risk.

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