Good Eatin’: A Look at the Best Restaurants in Fort Wayne

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Whether you’re planning to visit or moving there, Fort Wayne, Indiana has a lot of exciting things to offer.

Going out to eat at local restaurants is one of the best ways to get a feel for the culture and atmosphere of any location.

Read on to learn more about some of the best restaurants in Fort Wayne, so you can explore some of the local area’s most delicious cuisine.

Catablu Grille

Catablue Grill is a locally owned restaurant with a focus on providing fresh, artistically prepared modern cuisine. Whether you want incredible rare cuts of meat that you can’t find anywhere else or a special in-house mixed martini, this restaurant has it all.

When you eat at this awesome Fort Wayne restaurant, you’ll enjoy a fun, eclectic, and casual dining experience. There’s always something new on the menu, and it’s always prepared using the best, freshest food. Weekly specials include Thai Tuesdays, Ribs Thursdays, and Souffle Fridays.

Restaurants in Fort Wayne: Granite City Food & Brewery 

Check out Granite City Food & Brewery and enjoy dishes from their incredible signature menu. This popular local restaurant features awesome seafood fare like fish and chips and ponzu glazed salmon. Their famous maple pepper bacon flatbreads are another popular choice when eating out.

Aside from the delicious food, this Fort Wayne restaurant and brewery has signature beers that are all brewed on-site. Whether you’re a fan of German bock, oatmeal stout, or pale ale, the brewery is constantly offering delicious beers to try.


When you’re ready for a great dining experience, be sure to pay BakerStreet a visit. This local restaurant is proud of its impeccable, personalized service and unique, upscale decor. Aside from a variety of fresh seafood dishes, the restaurant also offers plenty for vegetarians to enjoy.

Be sure to try one of BakerStreet’s delicious steaks or choose from a variety of dishes that range from classic and gourmet to edgy and avant-garde. There’s also an extensive wine list and craft beer list, as well as private party rooms.

Hoppy Gnome

Eating at restaurants should be a fun experience, and the Hoppy Gnome certainly delivers. The menu focuses on fresh ingredients and has a variety of awesome items to choose from, centering around tacos and handheld deliciousness. 

This isn’t your average tacqueria, however. The Hoppy Gnome makes gourmet tacos like duck confit, Korean short rib, and more to tantalize your tastebuds. The menu changes a few times a year and includes salads, tortas, and new appetizers.

Make Your Visit Memorable

Be sure to visit one of these incredible restaurants in Fort Wayne to enjoy a unique and fun culinary experience. Ordering food from local restaurants is the best way to get a feel for local flavor and culture.

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