Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Beans for You

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Choosing a new bag of coffee at the store isn’t as easy as picking one at random. You wouldn’t believe the variety of roasts, tastes, and ground bean blends available in coffee. Do some research to find the perfect addition to your morning routine if you’re trying to change things up? Therefore, it’s helpful to have some direction while stocking up on coffee beans UK. Continue reading for some tips on how to select the finest beans for your coffee:

The Importance of Realising Your Choices

You should know your preferences when searching for fresh coffee beans. In essence, there are numerous bean varieties, each with its own flavour and growing conditions. Both arabica and robusta beans, the two most popular types, can be found in their own unique sweet and rich flavour. Since different beans have distinct flavour profiles, it’s important to experiment to discover the perfect blend.

Know the portion of caffeine you want

Caffeine levels vary widely among coffee beans UK; understanding your personal tolerance can help you choose the best brew. The caffeine concentration of Excelsa coffee beans is the lowest of the four at roughly 1 g per 100 g. The second-highest amount of caffeine per 100 g of bean comes from Liberica, with 1.23 g. Robusta coffee is the most caffeinated variety, at 2.26 g per 100 g, compared to Arabica coffee’s 1.61 g per 100 g.

Choose the best coffee roast.

Raw, green coffee beans smell more like green pepper than they do like your favourite coffee shop when you first smell them after they’ve been picked. Coffee’s signature flavour explosion originates in the roasting process.

Lightly roasted coffee is very different from darkly roasted coffee. Try to find coffee beans that are dry and lighter in colour if you want your coffee to taste smoother. Because of the reduced roasting time, the beans of this variety have a milder taste. Similarly, darker roasts are ideal if you prefer a stronger and more bitter cup of joe.

Always pay attention to the roasting date.

Make sure you’re always drinking freshly roasted coffee. If you want to know how long it has been since the beans were roasted, you should check the roast date on the label. If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, you can either buy a coffee grinder or buy a bag of whole beans and have them ground for you at the store or a café. Ground coffee may not have gone through a special treatment process, so it’s best to avoid buying it pre-packaged that way.

Consider Your Coffee-Making Machine

Think carefully about the coffee machine you use. Blend consistency and flavour can be altered by adjusting brewing time or temperature. Because of this, it’s crucial that you know what kind of grind works best in your coffee maker and how the machine works to extract the flavours.

Is it true that decaffeinated coffee is unhealthy?

Like regular coffee, decaf coffee doesn’t harm your health and can be part of a healthy diet.

In case you were wondering, decaffeination, in and of itself, is a harmless procedure. Once the caffeine, or at least 97% of it, is taken out, the beans are washed, steamed, and roasted at enough high temperatures to get rid of the liquids used to remove the caffeine. This makes the beans (decaf coffee) safe to eat. 


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