Ground coffee vs. soluble coffee: which one is best for you?

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Currently there is a debate about the two most widespread types of coffee consumption – ground coffee and soluble coffee. In this article we will give the positive and negative aspects of both coffees. We will not say which is better or worse, we will give enough tools and knowledge for you to decide for yourself. At a first glance the main features and focus of the discussion is flavor versus comfort.


We must be clear that all coffee comes from a cherry. These fruits or berries are processed. During these phases, two grains are extracted. They are left to dry and toast. From this moment the processes are divided. On the one hand, we have the coffee beans, which once roasted are preserved, packaged and ready for marketing. On the other, the coffee beans are ground, to produce the best ground coffee, coffee capsules, decaffeinated coffee and soluble coffee.

Production process

The process of producing ground coffee is simple. It is collected, left to dry, roasted and ground. But soluble coffee has a little more crumb. The instant coffee production process begins where ground coffee ends. Once we have the ground coffee, we proceed to infuse the coffee. Once the infusion is ready, it is up to technology to do its part of the work.  The key process in the production of instant coffee is the elimination of the infusion water to obtain the typical instant coffee crystals. There are two different processes for its preparation – spray dehydration and freeze drying.

Preparation of coffee

Instant or soluble coffee is definitely one of the most convenient and quick to make since it is only necessary to dissolve the coffee crystals in water or milk. The preparation of ground coffee is another story since you need a coffee machine to be able to prepare it. The end result with this type of coffee maker is a pure taste, with an easily recognizable flavor and aroma. There are also more modern coffee machines, which eliminate the typical problems of mocha type coffee machines, these machines are drip or filter machines. Coffee in capsules has the best advantages of both instant coffees since it is very easy and convenient to make and is prepared in a single-dose format.

Value for money

The value for money is one of the key aspects when deciding on instant or soluble coffee. Soluble coffee is obviously cheaper than other coffees, but its price is due to the type of grain used to make this type of coffee. With respect to ground coffee, we find a much purer, persistent and crisp flavor, besides having an intense aroma. That is why ground coffee wins the game in terms of quality and flavor.


In this article we have tried to confront instant coffee with ground coffee, providing reasons so that you can decide for yourself what type of product you prefer to buy. If you are one of those who prefer to have instant coffee and enjoy its entire flavor, surely you prefer soluble coffee. But if you love premium taste, flavor and aroma, your option may be ground coffee. Your choice depends on many factors and how important each one of them is to you.

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