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Are you new to eating sushi rolls and can’t get a hold of which roll to try out first? Has sushi eating been on your bucket list, and you haven’t tried it yet? Are you a connoisseur, and your next food try out is sushi rolls, but you are not sure which roll to go out for first? Well, worry no more as we have the best solution for you. Below are some of the best sushi rolls worldwide that you can try.

California roll

California rolls are sushi rolls rolled inside out. Their contents mainly consist of venerated rice that encircles cucumber, avocado, and crab to replace the raw tuna, and the rice has a topping of sesame seeds. The California roll was introduced in the 1960s at Tokyo Kaikan by Chef Ichiro Mashita. It was an introduction to satisfy those who disliked the idea of eating raw fish and seaweed.

Dragon roll

As its name suggests, the dragon roll looks like a dragon made from eels and cucumber with slices of avocado made to look like dragon scales on the exterior act as a filling for the dragon roll. Dragon rolls are long and served in the shape of a caterpillar.

Spider rolls

Spider sushi rolls contain battered soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, and spicy mayonnaise rolled inside sushi rice and nori. The spider roll is cut in half with the crab legs protruding from the top to appear reminiscent of a spider.

Alaska rolls 

Alaska rolls contain raw salmon, imitation crab, and sushi rice. Raw salmon can be substituted with canned or smoked salmon for those avoiding eating raw fish. The imitation crab is made from starch and finely diced white fish. Real crab can also make Alaska rolls though it is expensive and not easy to find. These rolls are famous all over the world as they are affordable.

Teriyaki rolls

Teriyaki rolls are a mixture of seasoned rice, crunchy cucumber, and sticky teriyaki chicken. The topping is made with soft avocado, which adds flavor to the sushi roll and is also an inside–out sushi roll. They are best served as sophisticated finger food or bite-sized.

Rainbow roll

Rainbow sushi roll is mainly an American sushi house staple. Imitation crab, raw tuna, and raw salmon are the main ingredients, and it also has avocado and cucumber for the topping. Mangoes can be an alternative to raw tuna and smoked salmon for raw tuna. The tuna, salmon, and avocado are arranged alternatively to resemble a rainbow.

Shrimp tempura roll

Shrimp tempura rolls contain the most calories as it has breaded and fried shrimp, giving the shrimp tempura roll a crunchy, tasty flavor. Imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, and sesame seeds may also be used.

Sushi can be served with many different drinks like sake, the traditional drink for sushi, champagne, cocktails, cold ginger ale, and Asahi dry lager, among other beverages. Sushi is available in different hotels and cuisines like Makimono Krog, a Fusion Asian frontier in Atlanta. They are also available to order online.

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