Food Manufacturing Technology That Also Improves Safety

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How do you buy for groceries? Do you make a weekly menu plan, create an ingredient list, and only shop for those items at the store? Do you scour the advertisements for the best offer and then build your menu around it? Perhaps you’ll wander the aisles until something strikes your eye.

You want cuisine that not only tastes wonderful but is also safe to eat, whether you’re a family dinner enthusiast, a vegan, or a gourmet sous-chef. Everyone is concerned about food quality, especially as the number of big recalls in the food business has increased in recent years. While some recalls may be necessary to be extra cautious, today’s consumers demand greater food safety.

Food manufacturers are responding to these concerns, particularly those about food security and the risk of foodborne disease. Many are implementing new technology in order to adhere to stringent safety, quality, and preservation guidelines. High-pressure processing, ultrasound equipment, pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet light, and ionizing radiation are all used in these devices. These technologies can kill germs and other pathogens while also prolonging the shelf life of foods without the use of preservatives. Check out the resource below for more information on these technologies.

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