Smartest Solutions Present When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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It is often the single most important item in marriage, so make sure you don’t go wrong! How to choose the caterer for your wedding and find the rare pearl, here are my tips to help you.

When To Contact Him?

As soon as possible, about 10 to 8 months before your wedding, because as with other professionals, the best are often taken by storm, and except for the larger structures, few can handle several receptions on the same day.

Where To Find A Caterer?

Word of mouth is often the easiest way to get objective feedback from a professional. A recently married friend, your family, but also your place of reception, your photographer, or your dress designer may be able to provide you with information.

The advantage of working with a caterer recommended by your reception location?

  • He will already know the place and will thus face any technical difficulties (electricity, accessibility, and kitchen).

Some places require you to work with wedding caterers, or to choose from a list of imposed professionals. There are several reasons for this. By quality requirement, they are thus certain to offer the best to their newlyweds, and to work with trusted professionals, who will know and respect the place. This will give you some peace of mind . On the other hand, make sure that this imposed list is not simply a set of financial commissions between professionals, and for which the caterer would instead pay a sum of money to your expense so that you can work in priority in the place in question.

You will also find many addresses on the internet, in directories or on blogs, of course, since each couple who shares their story also shares the addresses they recommend. You can find for example on the barefoot bride, all the marriages published on the blog on this page.

What Do You Want?

  • A seated dinner?
  • A long cocktail?
  • World or traditional cuisine?
  • Plate service or shared dish?
  • Barbecued or formal dinner?
  • Organic, gourmet, simple cuisine, bistro?
  • Would you like to give pride of place to seasonal products?

These questions will help you sort through your selection of professionals. As with other artisans in the wedding world, caterers often have a specialty, so take advantage of it.

What Is Your Budget ?

The caterer is, as we said, often the most important item of expenditure for a wedding, so it is impossible not to mention this fact. So do your accounts. What is your overall budget? What budget can you allocate to the caterer? How many guests do you have? What type of service do you want for cocktails and dinner? Divide the overall budget by the number of guests, and this will give you a little idea of ​​the cost price per person, to then put in parallel with your desires, to see if the two match.

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