Reasons Why You Need a Wine Preservation System

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Time to settle in for a delicious dinner and a glass of your favorite wine. When you take a sip out of the cup, your face twists up in disgust. Maybe you shouldn’t have tried to preserve the liquid by putting the cork back inside the bottle. 

If you drink a lot of wine, it might be worth it for you to pick up a wine preservation system. They do more than help the drink keep its delicious taste. It can also preserve the aroma and color. 

They’re not that expensive to pick up either. Check out this quick buying guide to learn more. 

Benefits of a Wine Preservation System 

There’s more to wine than the delicious taste. There’s nothing quite like the aroma and color of the drink. Both these things get lost if you don’t use the best wine preserver. 

Most systems are pretty easy to clean, and they come with changeable stoppers. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire system if one part breaks. 

Holds in the Taste 

The main reason why anyone invests in a wine preserver pump is to keep the taste of their bottle intact. Stuffing the cork back into the bottle or using a piece of tissue paper may work for a day, but it’s not a permanent solution. 

Both these fixes still allow air to seep into the bottle, which will jumpstart the oxidation process. After a few days of this, the wine is basically vinegar.

A wine preserver doesn’t allow any air to get in. This means that your beverage will stay nice and fresh for at least a few weeks, sometimes a month. 

They’re Easy to Clean 

Wine savers are one of the easiest appliances to clean. The only part that really gets dirty is the valve. All you have to do is take it out and give it a good scrub down. 

Keeps the Aroma and Color Intact 

When oxidation happens, it sucks out the wine’s unique aroma and can even change its color. A bright red wine will turn white after a few days in your refrigerator. 

The wine preserver creates a vacuum seal that keeps air out of the bottle. The aroma will stick around for a few weeks, and the liquid will keep its brilliant color. 

Changeable Stoppers 

After a while, the rubber stopper in the preservation system will begin to wear out. When it does, it won’t be able to keep air out of the bottle anymore. 

There’s no need to panic. You won’t have to buy a new system because this one part is beginning to show its age. In most cases, you can just buy a new stopper to replace the old one. 

Affordable and Long Lasting 

Most wine preservation systems are on the cheap side. If you want to get a luxury one with all the bells and whistles, it will cost you a pretty penny. 

One that will perform the basics, will run you about 30-50. That doesn’t mean that the quality of this appliance is lacking in any way. It will last you for a while. 

Best Systems on the Market 

Now that you know why you should have a wine preserver, it’s time to go shopping. Here are a few of the best products on the market at the moment. 

Savino Wine Preserver 

First up on the list is the Savino Wine Preserver. It can keep your bottle of wine fresh for at least a week. The floating stopper will prevent oxidation from happening. 

You can also take out the stopper and turn the preserver into a beautiful decanter. If you’re not sure what a decanter is, it’s a funny shaped bottle that people pour their wine into before serving it. 

The purpose is that it allows the wine to breathe a little to bring out the natural flavors. Now we know what you may be thinking, “but I thought that air and wine are a terrible mix?” 

They are. The design of most decanters will allow the wine to breathe without letting in enough oxygen to hurt anything. The Savino is no exception to this. When you’re done serving the wine, put the stopper back and store the preserver in your fridge. 

Coravin Model Two 

Next up is the Coravin Model Two. It’s on the more expensive side, but it’s worth it if you drink a lot of wine. Instead of uncorking the bottle, the Coravin uses a tiny needle to pierce the cork. 

To pour your wine, you’ll hold down and release the trigger on the device. Finally, the system uses argon gas capsules to keep the wine fresh. You can check out this site to learn more about the system. 

Vacu Vin Wine Saver 

If you’re looking for a cheap way to preserve your wine, the Vacu Vin will be perfect for you. It will keep your bottle fresh for a few weeks after opening for a little over 20 bucks.

To use it, place one of the rubber stoppers into the mouth of the bottle and use the vacuum pump to suck the air out. There are some fake versions of the product on the market, so you’ll need to watch out. Your wine may leak if you turn the bottle sideways in your fridge as well. 

Keep Your Wine Fresh and Delicious 

If you’re an enthusiast, one appliance you’ll need to have in your house is a wine preservation system. Having one will preserve the taste, color, and aroma of your favorite beverage for weeks. 

When you’re done, you can easily clean the system, and if a stopper starts to fall apart, it’s simple to buy a new one. It’s a no-brainer.

If you want to learn more about preservation systems and wine, check out the Drinks section of our blog. 

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