Most Popular Applications Of Fairy Floss You Must Know About

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Fairy floss is a fluffy, sweet strand-like topping that is available in a variety of flavors. Its existence dates back to 1897 when a noted candy maker got a bit experimental with his techniques and got strands that redefined the concept of comfort food. It is now the most popular confectionary item that has got numerous fans in children. Makers have made fairy floss in several flavors. One such flavor is vanilla fairy floss

This white, shining floss made using vanilla essence has found its use in a number of ways such as:


  • Decorative agent for mocktails and cocktails: Fairy floss in vanilla flavor can help in decorating cocktails and mocktails. The floss adds amazingly to the sweetness too. It enhances the visual appeal of drink and drives appetize for the same exceptionally well.


  1. An additive in hot chocolate: Kids avoiding milk are encouraged into drinking it with the help of chocolate powder and other additives. Fairy floss is also one of the additives that offers parents and easy way to entice the child into drinking milk as per the mandatory requirement.
  2. Additive to smoothies and shakes: Fairy floss can be used as an additive in smoothies and shakes too. The shakes and smoothies taste much better and look exceptionally appealing when decorated with fairy floss.
  3. As a garnishing agent: Garnishing is one of the most important steps involved in presentation of a dish. Fairy floss works as amazing garnish for the dishes such as
  • Pancakes
  • Ice creams and frozen desserts
  • Cakes and puddings
  • A cheese platter
  • Yogurt and muesli recipes

When you want a versatile ingredient that can enhance the look as well as taste of your sweet or semi-sweet dish, you must consider buying fairy floss. This lightweight material can add much more to the dish without changing its calorie content much.


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