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Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important aspect when it comes to planning a wedding. Whether it is your Wedding Catering Toronto or your wedding invite, it should all be environmentally friendly. However, sustainability shouldn’t have to make you sacrifice on your personal taste and planning an environmentally friendly wedding can be a bit overwhelming. We all have ideas about a dream wedding, here is how you can turn your dream wedding to a green wedding.

Ring-ing in Sustainability

The ring is a crucial part of every wedding. Mining of diamonds and other gemstones has never been sustainable. You could opt for a ring which has been made out of recycled diamonds and metals. This way you don’t have to compromise on your dream wedding ring. In case you aren’t able to find such a ring you could purchase vintage rings or redesign any of the existing rings in a way which has some sentimental value attached to it or maybe some family history.

Fresh and potted Flower

Flowers are at the heart of every wedding decoration. They speak about the personal style, colour and emotions of the wedding. There is no denying the fact that freshly cut flowers aren’t the most environmentally sustainable choice. Instead of them, you could opt for potted flowers. Potted flowers have a long life and you can continue to use them even after the wedding is over. However, if you don’t want to opt for fresh cut flowers, then you should go for seasonal blooms which have been locally grown as it would reduce wastage in transport. Succulents are also great to be used on tables and can also be taken home by the guests.

Invite the Sustainable Way

Once you’ve set the date, time and location the next thing you’ve got to do is send out the invites. Sending invitations can produce a lot of waste and it isn’t always the most sustainable thing. The waste needs to be minimized. With increasing awareness, many beautiful options for recycled paper and eco-friendly printing methods have become available. These options are sustainable and gorgeous. Plantable paper is another option. The invitations which are sent out on plantable material can be planted and sprout flowers.

Either Rent or Buy

There is a lot of wastage that happens during the wedding. Make a list of things that are unnecessary and you could completely avoid purchasing them. Renting the décor is a sustainable way to go about. You could opt for recyclable and reusable items like glassware and others which are less wasteful and harmful to the environment. However, if you do want to purchase certain pieces make sure that you choose such items which you can later use in your home. Make the wise decision of ditching sparklers, glowsticks. Also, avoid having a firework show. However, you can go ahead and use biodegradable confetti which is usually made out of dried flowers like rose petals, lavender and leaves. They are not only beautiful but also sustainable.


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