It’s Pimento Wood or None When It Comes To Jerk Chicken

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It’s always said that if you are not grilling your meat on Pimento Wood, then you will never be able to relish the true flavor of jerk chicken. This is so true, and there is just no denying it. When it comes to tasting some delectable jerk chicken, mutton, or even beef, you cannot replace its flavor at all. You have to get it cooked in a hundred percent Pimento Wood to enjoy that one-of-a-kind, telltale flavor. 

When you cook your chicken or any meat in Pimento Wood the unique flavor that you get will never be achieved from any other wood available out there. At you will only get authentic Pimento Wood; this is what makes this online site reliable and trusted by so many people out there. It’s the grilling and smoking technique of Pimento Wood that oozes the best flavor out of the meat that you prepare. 

When it comes to authentic jerk grilling you will have to trust the traditional using technique, then only will you be able to savor the original jerk chicken taste that your taste buds are craving. 

Pimento wood is just not any other wood. It is derived from the allspice tree. It is an evergreen shrub that is highly flavorful in its way. It brims out some of the best essential oil and is only found in some places in Jamaica. 

You might say that jerk chicken can be prepared on any kind of wood, then why fuss over Pimento wood alone? 

For sure, there are tons of wood available for cooking. But when you wish to enjoy some authentic recipes such as jerk chicken, you need to cook it the traditional way. Else, it would just be like any other grilled chicken recipe. You do not just cook it on wood but some fresh green wood, which is derived from the pimento tree. It gives your chicken an allspice berries flavor, which you cannot taste when cooked on just any other wood. 

Once you cook on meat on Pimento wood, you will never be able to forget that flavor. We can bet you on this! No wonder the jerk chicken cooked on Pimento wood is a globally famous one. The flavor imparted by this wood is just not like any other taste that you would have ever tasted before. Try it once, and you will keep coming back for it.

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