How to open a bottle of wine with a corkscrew

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How to open a bottle of wine with a corkscrew

You desire to crack open a wine bottle as soon as you sit down, whether to drink it or use it in cooking. You need to practice opening wine bottles if you want to get good at it and be prepared to break some corks in the process. 

A wine lover’s biggest fear is getting a cork in their prized bottle, but you have done it. Continue reading, and you will quickly become an expert. 

Even though many wineries are trying out twist-top containers as well as bottled wines, the majority of the bottles you’ll purchase at the shop still have the traditional cork top. Either a wine key or the right corkscrew is required to open them. 

There is only one solution we thought was worthwhile sharing in this article, and even that isn’t infallible. You’ve surely heard of some more inventive ways to open a bottle with a shoe or a spoon made of wood. The most popular and best forms of wine openers are wine key or a corkscrew, and they’re not as difficult to use as they may initially seem. 

Corkscrew techniques

A winged corkscrew and a wine key are the two types of corkscrews you’ll encounter most commonly. While both are reasonably priced, accessible, and simple to use, it is still possible to damage a cork if you don’t use it properly. Here is the ideal use for each sort. 

How to Use a Wine Key

How to Use a Wine Key

The foil cutter, the actual corkscrew, and the lever are the three primary components of a wine key. 

First, pierce the piece of foil covering the highest point of the container underneath the lip with the foil cutter, then turn the bottles in a circle to remove it all the way through around the neck. Eliminate and discard the foil. The final step is crucial since you are preventing the cork from snapping in the middle. Put a corkscrew in the cork’s center and twist anticlockwise until it is entirely inserted. Place the button on the bottle’s lip to release the cork; then, raise the handle to lift the cork out of the container. 

How to use a winged corkscrew 

Similar to the previous instructions, begin by removing the foil portion from the highest point of the bottle. Winged corkscrews appear relatively simpler to operate. Before screwing the handle down, insert the corkscrew inside the cork. Simply press on the wings to extract the cork; as the handles descend, the cork will rise. Fold the handles down, then while holding the bottle firmly with one hand, hold the base of the opener along with taking out the tip of the cork from the neck. 


When in doubt about the ideal serving temperature, it is advisable to err on the side of caution and serve the wine a little too chilly. Why? You are likely to be sure that the wine continues to warm up and possibly even let go of all of its pleasant aromas when you serve it this way. When it’s quite cold outside, you can nevertheless warm the wine by encircling the glass with your hands to help it warm up. However, it is much more difficult to just use your hands for cooling down a heated wine glass in the other direction.

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