How much do you need to start a vending machine business in 2022? A Complete Guide

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Vending machine business is easy to start and can provide a steady income as a side hustle. However, there is much more to this venture than just purchasing vending machines and setting them up at a random place.

Choosing which vending products to sell, where to put the machines, how much to invest, and how much to make is just the beginning. Your success as a vending machine business owner depends on several intermediate actions.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of starting a vending machine company so you can get off to a good start.

Why should you invest in the vending machine business?

If you’re looking for a business opportunity, consider the lucrative vending machine business that requires a low initial investment. It is lucrative and offers some surprising flexibility. It’s a terrific option for anyone looking for some extra income, a business with low startup costs, or a novel method to diversify their portfolio with that being said check out the article on the benefits of owning an owner absentee business here is the link

The initial investment required to start the vending machine business in 2022

Most of the money you spend on this business will go towards buying the stock and the machines. You can start this business with as low as $2,000. Many vendors suggest purchasing a secondhand or refurbished vending machine for anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. However, features and size also play a key role in deciding vending machine. So, you can get a brand-new vending machine if you have $3,000 to $10,000.

The price of vending machines is only one part of the equation; you also need to think about the cost of supplies. The investment will vary according to the number of devices you buy and the products you want to stock for the machines.

Investing in vending machines: A complete guide

Here is your complete guide to investing in vending machines in 2022:

Type of vending machines

You can find many varieties of vending machines beyond the traditional snack and drink ones. Vending machines fall into one of three broad groups. So, if you are selecting a machine, keep these three types in mind:

1) Bulk vending

2) Specialty vending

3) Food and beverage vending

4) healthy snack vending

Location of the vending machine

The location of your vending machines is more vital to their financial success than selecting the most advanced machine. Modern food items containing machines can be more successful in an office park, but the same machine might fail if it is placed outside a movie theatre. Click here to find the best places to put vending machines.

Signing legal agreements

Property owners would expect payment in exchange for letting you place vending machines on their property. If you’re required to hand over a certain share of your earnings as commission, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have the rates, terms, and conditions spelled out in writing.

You should negotiate a commission rate that leaves you with a respectable profit margin while also satisfying the location provider. Doing the math before committing to a specific number and signing a contract is essential.

Business structure

What kind of business entity you choose will affect legal and tax requirements. How much effort and money is needed to stay in good standing with the state will change as a result. Depending on your needs, you can file your company paperwork as either a sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, or corporation. Get yourself registered if you want to open a vending machine business as a limited liability company or a corporation.

Stock keeping

Some states require a minimum percentage of nutritious and healthy food selections in vending machines so if this describes your area, stock up on nutritious and healthy food products.

Establishing relationships with wholesale suppliers is essential for obtaining the best possible per-unit pricing while stocking up on food. You can increase your profits from vending machines by reducing the money spent on food supplies upfront.

Using a vending machine management system (VMS)

Your vending machines may already have management software installed that helps you organize your business, keep tabs on stock, and monitor sales.

However, if you only have a few vending machines, the manual inventory management required by most ordinary machines could be manageable. On the other hand, you can use automated software to control the machines. The majority of VMS solutions also provide reporting and inventory tracking features that operate in real-time.

Focus on improving customer service

Customer service should be prioritized from the get-go, regardless of how many vending machines you initially have. Try to adhere to a few guidelines so that you can ensure that your vending machine provides the finest possible service to its clients.

As with many businesses, vending machine companies rely heavily on personal recommendations and networking to succeed. Connect with other business owners, investigate the vending association in your state, and participate in local entrepreneur networking events.

Empty and restock your vending machines once a week or twice a week to keep them running properly. A toll-free hotline for service inquiries and feedback is another option to consider offering customers.


The profits from vending machines can be substantial. You can make a good profit with minimal initial investment and effort if you position a vending machine in a high-traffic area and supply it with desirable items at reasonable costs. Focus on improving efficiency and expanding revenue streams after your business is up and operating. Vending machine business can become your main source of income if you do it right or can become a great side business to start.

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