What Time is Most Suitable to have Tea?

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It can’t be said enough how healthy and beneficial it is to drink tea to your body. Drinking tea to promote a healthy lifestyle is a tradition dating back thousands of years. However, one of the most important aspects of drinking tea to nurture the body is knowing the proper tea to drink at the right time of day to maximize your results. So, the question is, what tea should we drink during various times of the day?


After a night’s rest, the body gradually dehydrates, and the density of the blood increases. Drinking light tea can not only hydrate you and clean the stomach but can also lower blood pressure, dilute the blood, and prevent and treat problems with digestion. However, remember that it’s best not to drink stronger tea in the morning, as morning tea should be lighter than your usual daily tea.


Black tea is an excellent choice for morning tea, as it can increase blood circulation and repel the coldness from inside our bodies. Every day after breakfast, drink a cup of black tea (you can also add milk to it). It should be noted that tea is best consumed after breakfast since it contains caffeine. Drinking tea with an empty stomach will make the stomach absorb more caffeine, potentially resulting in an upset stomach. For more morning tea ideas, check out our “Sunrise” Morning Tea Variety Set.



This is perhaps the most critical time to drink tea during the day. Drinking tea around 3 pm is very beneficial to the human body, as it can increase our immune system and prevent flu and colds. For people who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hyperlipidemia, drinking tea at this time can give you health benefits that go beyond even medicine.


Oolong or green tea can be a great choice in the afternoon. Since the internal temperature of the human body generally reaches its peak during this time, drinking oolong or green tea can help cool you down and soothe your digestion, detoxing your liver and kidney and giving you plenty of antioxidants. Additionally, tea leaves contain an abundance of vitamin E, which has anti-aging effects.



A lot of people seem to have some misunderstanding about drinking tea at night. They tend to worry that tea might influence their sleep quality; however, around 8:30 pm human body’s immune system is at its peak, so if you drink a cup of the right kind of tea, it can help the body to repair and replenish the immune system, and aid in the creation of cells. If you want to drink tea at night, drinking it around 8:30 is the best time.


At night, it’s best to avoid teas containing high amounts of caffeine, as it can disrupt your sleep cycles and cause bodily unrest throughout the night. Instead, we recommend people drink aged and fermented dark tea, especially ripe Puerh. Ripe Pu-erh is mild, which won’t influence the quality of your night’s sleep, and it can also help with your digestion, breaking down fat, and warming the stomach.

Since we all know that having tea at any time or on any day has become a habit more than just a need, there are many brands out there that are working to give us the best quality tea for our personalized purposes, ranging from weight loss to feeling good and just simply having tea for the boost of the brain functions. 

Out of all the brands that come first to our mind when thinking of good quality tea is KINGS TEA. It’s a brand that originated over 30 years ago, having a base of consumers from all over the world. KINGS TEA has loyal customers that buy its products mainly through amazon. Hence 97% of the amazon tea buyers are landing on its page and getting satisfying results. 

This brand, located in Britain, has always been focused on the quality of the tea more than anything else, always mixing the perfect amount of tea leaves and maintaining the quality as well as the taste is the secondary focus, and the primary focus is the health concerns of the consumers. Taking good care of customers’ health and the environment by packing the tea with easily recyclable products keeps the KINGS TEA brand on a larger scale for all purchasers. 

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