How Can I Use Edible Gold Leaf in My Cooking?

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Do you want to stand out in your culinary creations? It’s time to add a little sparkle to your cooking by using edible gold leaf. 

Gold leaf sheets are a must-have when you want to create culinary art that’s worthy of Michelin stars. This article will go through how to use edible gold leaf in your cooking. 

Get the Right Items

It’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to edible gold leaf. There are two types of gold leaf, which are loose sheets and transfer sheets. Loose leaf sheets are loosely attached to the book, whereas transfer sheets would stay on the paper until you decide to use them. 

Generally, transfer sheets will be a lot easier to use, because you will only have to press the leaf onto the desired surface in order to transfer it across. Loose leaf sheets may be more fragile to work with. 

Make sure to know which of this product you will need for your fine dining menu. 

Make Sure the Surface is Damp

When you want to apply edible noble metals onto surfaces, you will have to make sure the surface will accommodate accordingly. It is important to get the surface damp – not too wet that it may ruin the texture and the overall appearance of the foot, but just enough so that the gold leaf will stick properly.

You can do this step by using syrup, honey, or by brushing water onto the surface.

You can use a tweezer to help with the application process.

Smooth the Wrinkles

Once you’ve succeeded in placing the gold leaf on your food, you will want to smooth it out. This will reduce the amount of wrinkles and create a refined finish. You can do this by using a specialized brush to lightly brush the gold. 

If there are any pieces of gold that do end up falling away, you can remove these. It is expected that the gold leaf sheet will not be able to look fully smooth, but by undergoing this process you are ensuring that the appearance is ideal.

The process of applying edible gold leaf will require a lot of practice, but know that this item will always beautify your food – even when there are plenty of wrinkles! 

Apply Edible Gold Leaf to Your Cooking

Have you been trying to upscale your cooking? A great way to do this is by applying edible gold leaf to your meals! It’s a lot easier to use them than you may think. 

The first step is to ensure you know which type of gold leaf sheet to get. Next, you will have to make sure the surface is damp for application.

Once you have added the leaf sheet, all you have to do is smooth out some wrinkles and you have a world-class meal!

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