Is Monk Fruit Healthy?

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Looking to cut down on calories, without sacrificing flavor?

Then monk fruit might be the perfect solution!

What is monk fruit exactly? It’s a sweetener that’s often used instead of sugar because it has a similar texture. However, it doesn’t have any calories.

To help you decide if you should start using monk fruit, we’ve created this health-centered guide. Is monk fruit healthy, and how should you use it? Read on to find out!

Where Monk Fruit Comes From

Monk fruit is a citrus fruit. It’s one of the many delicious varieties of fruit in Southeast Asia. You can even find it in parts of Eastern Africa.

There are multiple varieties of monk fruit, which include Wenzhou pine, Mogok, Shengyang, and Madras. The first variety, Wenzhou pine, is the most common in China. The second variety is Mogok and it’s mostly grown in Bangladesh.

The third variety is Shenyang and it’s mainly grown in Myanmar. Finally, the fourth variety is Madras and it’s imported to other countries including the United States.

Origin Story

Monk fruit is a hybrid between an Asian pear and a sweet orange. The fruit came to be thanks to a Buddhist monk from Burma (the country). The name for the fruit comes from the time when the monk lived in China.

There’s a fun origin story behind monk fruit. While all of the facts aren’t verified, it’s fun to hear the tale. The story goes that the monk used the purest water from the Malvi Mountains to help grow and develop the fruit. The fruit was kept secret until a group of farmers found it while harvesting pineapples in Mogok.

When the farmers found the fruit, they began to use it to sweeten their food. Since then, monk fruit has become popular for many different uses and its taste is compared to that of mango or pear.

Why Is Monk Fruit Healthy?

Is monk fruit healthy? Yes, and we don’t know. The truth is, more studies need to take place before anyone can say for certain what monk fruit can do. However, there isn’t anything to suggest it’s harmful when used correctly.

The amazing citrusy fruit has been getting rave reviews from users. One possible benefit of consuming monk fruit is that it may help with digestive problems.

Others swear by the fruit’s ability to prevent or reduce high blood pressure levels. However, as we mentioned earlier, these claims still need more research to become facts. One thing we know for certain is that since it doesn’t contain sugar, monk fruit doesn’t harm blood sugar levels or cause teeth to rot.

Special Recipes and Beverages

One of the most popular ways to use monk fruit is in baking. You might have seen pies, muffins, or cakes that are created with this citrus fruit. It’s often used for natural flavoring and goes great with other baking ingredients like lemon or almond extract.

Another way that people enjoy using this sweetener is in smoothies or shakes. You can mix it up with things like whipped cream, milk, vanilla extract, silken tofu, and raspberries to make your creations!

If you love drinking coffee, then you may find that monk fruit is a good substitute for sugar because it has a similar flavor but with no calories. Just add the desired amount of sugar substitute to your mug and enjoy!

Best Monk Fruit Sweetener Ratios

Since monk fruit extract isn’t as sweet as sugar, you can’t use a 1:1 ratio for your recipes. For instance, let’s say you normally use 1 tbsp of sugar in your coffee.  To get the same amount of sweetness, you’ll need to use about 2 tbsp of monk fruit.

Generally, you’ll need to double the amount you’d normally use when replacing your sugar with monk fruit. As long as you keep this substitution ratio in mind, your drinks and desserts should turn out great! Monk fruit

Where to Find Monk Fruit

It’s pretty easy to find monk fruit. The fruit is sold at most grocery stores and is usually one of the ingredients in popular brands like Angel Soft, Lipton Tea, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, or Yoplait Yogurt.

There are many places where you can find this product, including Walmart, Target, or your local Asian market. For the best experience, we suggest buying from name-brand monk fruit suppliers.

It’s also a good idea to read a few monk fruit reviews before you buy. You can find these on the product’s official webpage or by searching for monk fruit products online.

If you have your heart set on making foods like pies or baking things like muffins, it might be best to buy a few bags of monk fruit powder and create your blend. Just add in the amount that you want to use for the recipe and simply replace the sugar in your recipes with monk fruit.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you’re diabetic, it’s still important to speak with your doctor before using monk fruit. Why? Even though there aren’t a lot of carbs in this fruit, it could still cause blood sugar highs or lows.

In addition, if you take any medications or supplements that are changed by the liver, you might want to hold off on using monk fruit. People who have liver problems or take medications that are changed by the liver should only use small amounts of this product or avoid it completely. Even though there’s a lot of potential for benefits when it comes to monk fruit, we still have lots to learn!

Enjoy Monk Fruit Benefits

The next time you hear the question, “Is monk fruit healthy?”, you’ll know the answer! Monk fruit is a great option for those looking to replace sugar in recipes or beverages. It’s been praised by many users and has no calories, which makes it perfect if you’re watching your weight.

Are you ready to give this fun fruit a try? Chat with your doctor about monk fruit today. For more fun answers, explore our site!

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