HiLite 1 Pack Adjustable Neck Three Pockets Bib Apron Wrinkle-Resistant Unisex – 833P3A

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The Adjustable Neck Apron has been in existence for years, and they have been commonly used as cafe gear, institutional food, and janitorial aprons. That said, the neck apron well-designed, and it matches the needs to which it was designed for. The material used in making this apron is long-lasting. More so, the color with which the material is developed from barely fades. The designers took their time in designing as well as tailoring the apron, thus giving it the needed strength and protection which is desperately needed by the waiter and waitress. 

Made from the best quality

The flexible distinct heavy-duty water-resistant dishwasher PVC apron is accessible in a verity of Food companies, janitorial as well as professional outside caterers. The PVC aprons are created using the utmost plastic, plastic, cotton, as well as polyurethane. A HiLite Standard PVC apron protects you against dirt found in professional cooking facilities as well as water.

Why you need to choose the neck three-pocket apron

The manufacture of the apron understood well what the foodservice specialists want, and that is why they made this apron with them in mind. The Adjustable Neck Three Pockets Bib Apron is created using incredible quality of cloth as well as sophisticated designs to any user satisfaction. More so, this product is bar-tacked for additional durability. The current apron is not the top selection for specialists as well as kitchen enthusiasts. But it is also a product to think of whenever you are thinking of cleanliness. 

Where to use the apron 

These products are suited for eateries, professional kitchens, bars, fast-food organizations, carwashes, bloom stores, washing solutions, beef sections, culinary colleges, food markets, catering, dog brushing, colleges, schools, hospitals, daycares, and artwork as well as hobby shops. You can also use them for painting tasks, aesthetic shops, and domiciles for the utilization of cooks, butchers, waiters/waitresses, carpenters, technicians, greengrocers, hairdressers, fish team, and additional applications. 


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