Ground coffee or beans? How to decide between the two?

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It’s no mystery that everyone around the world is in love with coffee. We use it to keep us awake and going through the long nights. We use it to wake up in the morning. And we even drink it just for the taste. Because let’s be honest, coffee is delicious. 

But how do you drink your coffee? 

Do you use ground coffee

Do you use beans and crush them down yourself? 

Did you know that was even an option? 

What if you want to try out something different or you are starting your coffee obsession later than everyone else? 

Where do you start and which method of brewing should you choose?

When you go out somewhere, you will most likely find a bunch of types and flavours of coffee. This can make trying to decide which to get a little bit difficult because of all the endless options. But all of that matters on how sweet or how bitter you like it. But before we get into that, let’s talk about coffee beans.

If you want a fresher and stronger taste in your coffee, this is when you would choose to buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee. But only if you have the right resources to crush the beans into grounds that you can fit into your brewer and make coffee out of. Typically the beans are crushed right before the brewing process so if it’s something you want first thing in the morning; then you might want to think about the work you will be put in beforehand. This also might be a bit of a risky choice if you are starting on drinking coffee and you aren’t sure if you like it strong or not. But if you are a long-time coffee lover and want something stronger than what the stores are offering, this is the right choice. A lot of coffee shops use beans, so if you like the taste of coffee shop coffee more than the stuff you make at home, you can get the beans and save some money and time out of your day.

As for ground coffee, it is completely easy to buy and brew at home. This is also where a lot of your flavour options come into play. You can choose lighter and sweeter coffee flavours. You can also go for something dark and bitter. There are also variety packs so if you want to try some new stuff, but you aren’t sure where to start, you can get one of those and you’ll be all set for the next few days. Coffee grounds, while less fresh than coffee beans are a lot easier to brew and takes a lot less of your time and energy. With coffee grounds, you can pick a flavour, or go original coffee, add in whatever you like it in, and you are all set. The cups get made reasonably quickly and, depending on the size of your brewer, and you can go back to seconds without having to wait another 5 minutes for it to brew.

How easy it is to brew and drink is one of the reasons a lot of people choose grounds over beans. But the final choice is really up to you and what tastes the best, in your opinion. If you are looking for something hassle-free yet delicious and you can switch up the flavours whenever you want, go for grounds. If you want something stronger and more traditional, purchase fresh coffee beans.

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