5 Myths About Bulletproof Coffee

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Bulletproof coffee (https://www.bulletproof.com/collections/coffee) is a latte-like beverage that promises to satisfy a person’s hunger longer, remove the jitters that often come with a high intake of caffeinated drinks, and keep the mind sharp throughout the day.

But ever since its creation, questions about the validity of health benefit claims attached to the beverage emerged. This left some people second-guessing its effectiveness and advertised benefits.

To finally put doubts to rest and help you make an informed choice on the matter, below are five myths and their respective explanations that clarify what Bulletproof Coffee truly is.


Myth #1: Bulletproof Coffee makes you fat.

Bulletproof Coffee is composed of two cups or 500 ml of black Upgraded™ Coffee, two tablespoons or as much as 80 grams of unsalted grass-fed butter, and two tablespoons or about 30 ml of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. This is then blended at high-speed until the oil reaches emulsification and the beverage appears much like a latte.

Some people doubt the weight loss benefits of this recipe because of the saturated fat content of the butter and MCT oil added to the coffee. The concern is understandable, considering that saturated fat (https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/support/healthy-living/healthy-eating/fats-explained) found in butter is often suspected to cause heart disease. However, this isn’t always the case as it depends on the quality of the fat source.

For one, the saturated fat found in grass-fed butter helps slow down the body’s absorption of caffeine to extend its energy-boosting effect and prevent the “crash” that typically comes after. It also helps with the jitters and supports the optimization of metabolism that helps curb hunger, which is a far more sustainable method than limiting your calorie intake.


Myth #2: Taking Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast leads to nutrient deficiency.

One of the most pertinent questions raised about Bulletproof Coffee is its efficacy in delivering the body’s nutrient requirements for the entire day. Considering that taking Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this concern is to be expected.

The issue lies with the notion that the coffee is the only nutrient source. Bulletproof Coffee isn’t meant to replace healthy food throughout the day – it is only recommended for breakfast for the energy boost offered by the fatty acids and vitamins from the grass-fed butter.

The coffee itself has lots of polyphenols and is rich in cafestol, kahweol, and other oils that help fight cancer. Bulletproof Coffee cannot possibly measure up to nutrients provided by several whole eggs or avocado, but that won’t matter if your other meals are dense in nutrients for the rest of the day.


Myth #3: Bulletproof Cold Brew isn’t satisfying.

One way of preparing Bulletproof Coffee is through cold brewing. This process doesn’t use heat to extract caffeine, oils, and fatty acids. Instead, the coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for a couple of hours to get that smooth and rich taste.

While it is true that cold brew coffee has less potency than hot coffee, it still has a richer taste than iced coffee since it isn’t diluted. Cold brew coffee (https://www.bulletproof.com/pages/cold-brew-coffee) offers the advantage of easy preparation and is a lot less acidic. But above it all, one key benefit of this coffee preparation technique is that the flavor won’t get stale or fade over time.


Myth #4: Bulletproof Coffee doesn’t support the ketogenic diet.

Because it has more than just coffee in it, some people think that Bulletproof Coffee isn’t “keto-friendly.” On the contrary, Bulletproof Coffee is one of the best ways to provide your body with enough energy to get you through the day.

Remember that the principle of the ketogenic diet is to help the body burn the right fuel, which explains its high-fat-low-carb ratio. The fat in the grass-fed butter contained in your Bulletproof Cold Brew offers this while the coffee itself provides greater mental clarity and alertness throughout the day.


Myth #5: Drinking Bulletproof Coffee is a no-no when fasting.

Aside from weight loss, fasting has been known to slow the aging process of the body through a process called autophagy. During this process, the body’s cells clean themselves out and new ones are regenerated using their damaged parts.

Since fasting requires zero calorie intake, this begs the question: “Won’t fasting be broken when you drink Bulletproof Coffee?”

The answer is a resounding “No.” Fasting for the purpose of achieving autophagy only requires the exclusion of carbohydrates and protein from your diet. The secret lies in insulin production.

Insulin, as you may already know, is responsible for regulating a person’s blood sugar. It is also the chemical responsible for switching autophagy on and off. This means that the insulin levels drop while you’re sleeping, which just enough time for your cells to do their thing.

A Delicious and Fortifying Lesson Learned

While the public is gradually accepting Bulletproof Coffee as a viable breakfast alternative to achieve better health, some are still reluctant to take the leap because of the myths mentioned above. If your opinion lies with the latter, use this article as a guide to determine whether Bulletproof Coffee can be beneficial for your health.


Dave Asprey is the creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee, host of the #1 health podcast, Bulletproof Radio, and author of the New York Times bestselling book, “The Bulletproof Diet.” Through his work, the Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur provides information, techniques and keys to taking control of and improving your biochemistry, your body and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control your decisions.



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