Expert Tips on Staging a Home Eating

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When you are selling a home eating, it is very important that the home look its best. Most real estate agents and brokers use staging to make the home appear more attractive to buyers.

This practice is similar to arranging products on a shelf so that they look good. There is an art to it, and some people work as professional home stagers. Many real estate agents view staging an open house as an important part of real estate prospecting

Avoid Being Gender Specific

You have no idea what gender a person interested in the house will be, so avoid gender altogether. Stick with tasteful and gender-neutral, particularly for your master bedroom and bath.

Use Stone Enhancer

For old brick features, including fireplaces, use a stone enhancer and scrub the fireplace clean. It can make an old dated stone countertop or fireplace look less like a detriment and more like a selling point in a few quick and easy steps.

Declutter Everything

Buyers like organization and open space. Don’t be afraid to remove pieces of furniture or other clutter before you show the home. Clean lines and lots of free space will help the buyer imagine. Remember to leave some tasteful pieces inside.

First Impressions Work for Houses Too

Remember, the outside of the house is the first thing your buyers will see. Pressure wash the exterior and make sure the entry and foyer are clean and presentable. Above all, make sure that it is neat and tidy for your potential buyers.

Open Up Everything

Dark rooms remind people of hovels: open blinds, curtains, doors and anything else you can find to let light in. Make sure the buyer can see that every room is clean and bright.

When you are staging a home, think about what you would want to see, hear and smell as a buyer. Everything you do has the potential to improve the home’s overall value and the buyer’s likeliness to purchase.

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