Different kinds of iced coffees to enjoy

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Different kinds of iced coffee to enjoy

Someday you must have stood in line at a cafe and got astonished by seeing the variety of coffees available. There are numerous varieties of coffee drinks, and many people tend to get confused between them.

Some coffee drinkers prefer cold brews, others prefer regular hot coffee. While hot coffee is a classic choice, cold brews are more fun to drink as they are highly refreshing. In addition, a cold brew is a perfect drink for summers and humid weather.

Drinking coffee can give you the jolt you need to wake up in the morning and start your day. For many, coffee is the first thing they drink in the morning. As a result, coffee is probably the most sought-after energy drink. Moreover, a glass of cold brew coffee is the best refresher you can get after a mid-afternoon nap.

Besides the health benefits of drinking coffee, coffee also fosters social interaction. Going out for coffee with friends or colleagues is a social activity that many people love to indulge in.

Here are some different kinds of iced coffee you can enjoy alone or with friends and family.

Iced coffee

It is a traditional type of coffee that people around the globe love because it is effortless to make. A glass of cold coffee consists of lots of ice, milk, coffee concentrate, and a sweetener.

Iced Espresso

Unlike an iced coffee, you do not add any milk or cream to iced espresso and enjoy it straight. Many do not even prefer to put any sweetener in the iced espresso. Moreover, you can head onto online marketplaces to buy iced espresso specialty drinks to add flavor to your coffee.

Cold Brew

This kind of coffee is the newest trend in the industry. Cold brew coffee is made with coffee beans that have been steeping in water for a long time. Depending on how robust you like your coffee, you need to allow the ground coffee beans to steep in water. Many even want to steep the beans for a day or even more. Once the steeping of beans is done, you can add milk or cream to your glass.


A frappuccino is an iced coffee that is topped with whipped cream and a variety of syrups. It is a kind of drink that was made famous by coffeehouses like Starbucks. Once you walk into a coffeehouse, you will have numerous options of syrups and other toppings for your frappe. Moreover, you can even get flavored coffee-free versions. 


Nitro coffee has become a highly demanded cold brew coffee in recent years. It is a type of coffee that is not served cold but somewhat chilled. A regular cold brew is run through a nitrogen tap or a pressurized valve. In nitro coffees, nitrogen is added to them for a smoother texture and enhanced taste.


If you are confused between a glass of iced coffee, tea, and rum, then Mazagran is the solution because it is a cross between those drinks. It usually consists of cold espresso, a dash of lemon syrup, and a generous amount of rum. So, now you know a ton about coffees. Pair any of these cold coffees with some lip-smacking snacks like donuts, bagels, chocolate cakes, and crepes, and enjoy!

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