Can You Eat Dark Chocolate on Keto? Yes, Here’s How!

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Did you know that people consume an average of 7.2 million metric tons of chocolate per year? That averages out to about 1 kilogram (or 2.2 pounds) of chocolate per person, and there are regions of the world that consume much higher volumes of chocolate per capita.

Chocolate is no doubt one of the tastiest inventions, but unfortunately not everyone is at liberty to eat the standard milk chocolate for dietary or health reasons. I, for instance, am mad about chocolate and my gym lifestyle. Thankfully there are ways to enjoy chocolate on keto diets. If you want to know how to enjoy your favorite treat while still cutting carbs then keep reading.

Understanding the Point of Keto

Ketosis is a digestive process in which your body will burn fat for energy instead of glucose. It’s actually the first stage of starvation, but many people have found ways to build a particular diet (the keto diet) that tricks their bodies into the process. They consume high volumes of proteins and fats while avoiding carbs almost entirely.

Ketosis is a dietary practice that triggers this process to burn fat. The diets are safe for most people, but if you’re experiencing negative side effects see a medical professional.

It takes about three or four days for the average person’s body to enter the ketosis phase. During the buildup and maintenance stages of your keto diet, you can’t eat more than about 50 grams of carbs per meal before your body reverts to burning glucose.

Eating Chocolate on Keto Diets

The 50 grams window does give chocolate lovers some wiggle room for chocolate consumption. On the days that you want to eat chocolate, you may have to cut out any other food containing carbs. Be careful not to do this every day and accidentally cut out other vitamin-dense foods like carrots, pumpkin, and fruits.

If you’re looking to go to the store with the goal of pounding a whole slab of chocolate, then try anything over 70% dark chocolate. A 70% slab will wipe out your carb window for the day, whereas a 100% slab will leave you with 46 grams to spare. Eating dark chocolate on keto diets is fine as long as you don’t exceed the carb window.

Creative Options for Chocolate Fans

After a while, you may grow tired of the one or two kinds of chocolate slabs available. When that happens there are other ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Using pure, unsweetened cocoa powder can unlock tons of new chocolaty recipes. You can experiment with online, keto-friendly recipes and find some that you really like.

You can also buy ready-made alternatives if you want to skip the admin. Many businesses sell keto-friendly cakes, bakes, and shakes. View this keto shake as an example of such a product.

Stay Healthy, Stay Satisfied

If you’re asking “can you eat chocolate on keto”? Absolutely! As long as you’re within your carb threshold you’ll keep the ketosis going.

The best chocolate on keto is the one that works for you, it doesn’t matter if you prefer slabs, cakes, or shakes.

Want to find out about other keto-friendly options you might be missing out on? Our blog has tons of featured articles about keto-compatible eating and drinking. Check them out and see what else you could be eating.

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