Cake Decorating Hacks Straight from the Professional’s Cook Book

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Whether it is a birthday cake, wedding cake, Christmas cake or any ceremony, a beautiful cake always sets the mood. Cake decorating is now a new trend, and people tend to decorate it by themselves.

So are you thinking about decorating a cake? Well, you may have done it earlier; you may not have done it. But either way, you are no expert. To avoid this hectic task, we have brought the best cake decorating hacks from a cake pro. This article will guide you to decorate your cake like a pro!

Hack #1- Use a cake turntable

A cake turntable is a revolving platter that you use when leveling and frosting the cake. Turning the cake rather than having to walk all around the cake makes the whole process much easier.

Hack #2- Get the Right Equipment

Some say that the right tools are necessary not only for a professional-looking finish but also to make the work easier on itself. Two must-have tools- A bench scraper and an offset spatula. The key to using an offset spatula is that you’re spreading the frosting around without having the spatula touch the cake itself. A cake bench scraper will give your cake a nice and smooth finish.

Hack #3- Bake even layers

This hack is a bit mathematical, but not very calculative. When you have made your cake batter, prepare your cake layers by weighing your batter as you divide it between the pans. Place each pan on its scale, reset the weight to zero, and then weigh the batter in the pan as a spoon.

Hack #4- Prevent Crumbling coat

This frosting is called a crumb coat and is a thin layer of frosting that covers the cake perfectly, from the very tip of the sides to the cake board on the bottom, and also the top surface of the cake. Once the layers are piled between them with any desired frosting or filler, an offset spatula is used to spread a thin layer of frosting completely outward.

Hack #5- Applying to frost

Place the assembled layers on the turntable and apply a mound of frosting on top, while rotating the cake around with your palette knife. Do the sides next. It’s best to work quickly so that everything stays cool.

Hack #6- Piping 

Piping on the frosting is a simple way to create various fun effects. To cover the cake in the rose, use a star piping tip. Place the tip surface on the surface of the cake where you want the centre of the rose to be, and then pressure the piping bag, rotating outward. After pressing the rose to the desired size, gently release the pressure. Do not change the angle of the piping tip to allow the slivers to bend over themselves, creating greater dimensions. To cover the cake in small stars, use a star piping tip, place the tip perpendicular to the surface of the cake and pipe the small dolls overall.

Hack 7# Grab a Cookie Cutter

The next hack to decorate your cake is with a cookie-cutter. Simply keep the decorative cookie cutter gently on top of the frosted cake. Fill the cookie cutter with enough sprinkles to cover the icing on the cake, to prevent spilling by gently pressing them when the cookie-cutter is removed. Result? Sprinkle perfectly shaped decorations on your cake.

Hack #8 Stay Calm

Cake decorating is an art and takes a lot of practice to perfect. When you are decorating a cake, and you face any hurdle in decorating your cake, try not to panic. Stay calm and handle the situation calmly. Patience is everything.

Some tools you will need to decorate your cake.

  • Cake leavener
  • Cake Turntable
  • Cake Airbrush
  • Cake Spatula
  • Cake Scraper
  • Cake Comb
  • Piping Nozzle
  • Piping Bag
  • Cake Smoother

A wonderful cake provides a wonderful opportunity. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, these tools will definitely help you see your expectations of the best cake.

So, these were some great cake decorating hacks which will help you bake a perfect cake.

We hope we use these super easy hacks to help you save your time. The next time you are baking at home, follow the above hacks, and you will end up baking a cake like a pro. Or, if you are too tired trying, there is always an option to order online. Just visit the best cake bakery online cake delivery in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune or any desired place. You will get your desired cake right at your doorsteps.


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