Can You Still Tour Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Orchards During Covid-19?

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The COVID-19 virus has been devastating to much of our economy. In just a few short months, many businesses have been required to make drastic changes in how they do business. Some, unfortunately, have even found it necessary to close their doors for good. But the challenging situation has also created new opportunities for businesses to get creative and discover innovative ways to remain open while making sure all safety protocols are followed for customers and for employees. A perfect example of this is Texas Hill Country Olive Co., a popular location in the Dripping Springs area. Although the Gambini family, which has owned the business since 2008, made the difficult decision to close the restaurant on a temporary basis and modified some other elements of their operations, customers are still very much welcome to visit the Texas olive oil store and tour the beautiful grounds.

This way, the favorite family-owned location can continue to bring in olive fans as well as provide an opportunity for satisfied customers of Texas Hill Country Olive Co. to pick up the company’s signature olive oils, plus other quality olive and balsamic products and gifts.

Some of the changes related to COVID-19 have included:

Fewer Crowds

The gift store allows a maximum of 10 people inside at a time. This makes it easier for shoppers to browse all the available merchandise and find something they like without having to deal with crowds.

Texas Olive Oil Tasting Bars

Though popular, these sampling areas have been closed for safety and sanitation purposes.

Curbside Service

Although guests are temporarily unable to sit down and enjoy a tasty meal at the bistro, they can still call ahead to place a take-out order from a special bistro menu. When the guests arrive, their order will be delivered right to their car, so no one has to get out of their car. It’s easy, convenient, and sanitary.

Plenty of Tours

Visitors love learning about the history of olives throughout the world, including what makes them grow so well in this area of Texas. Guests can enjoy a variety of guided walking tours in and the groves plus the Tuscan-style millhouse, an authentic Italian olive press, and other enjoyable attractions. They also can learn about how Texas Hill Country Olive Co. grows different types of olives and then processes them into different products, including virgin olive oil. The company also makes a line of balsamic vinegars that many customers enjoy. Tours are slightly smaller than they have been in the past with fewer people in each group. Social distancing is also encouraged.

Expanded Online Options

If you prefer to stay close to home but you still want to enjoy quality Texas Hill Country Olive Co. products, simply order them online. This is a convenient service for customers around the world to enjoy the varieties of olive oil and other products. Online options have always been available but with the current pandemic, more and more customers are taking advantage of this service to get exactly what they want without having to leave their homes. Shoppers have been coming from every state, plus many from nearby parts of Texas.

Virtual Tours

Those unable to visit in person also can take a tour through their computers or mobile devices at

About Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Texas Hill Country Oil was founded in 2008 on 17 acres in Dripping Springs, Texas. The pleasant surroundings and rolling hills make it an enjoyable visit at any time of year. Even with social distancing in place and some parts of the business are off-limits due to sanitation, it can be a nice relaxing trip for friends and family. Visitors enjoy the selection of quality food items plus the atmosphere. This all goes back to the mission created by Gambini Family who went out of their way to create a world-class olive production operation but within beautiful scenery. The locally produced Texas olive oil and other quality products are enjoyed by many. Visitors to can learn about the location, the products, the family, and even get some great recipes.

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