Al Fresco Dining – How to Make the Most Of Your Outdoor Space

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When the weather is right, there is nothing better than enjoying a meal outside. Food and wine tend to be even more appetising when consumed under the sky with the sun shining down, Al fresco style. In Ireland, the weather tends to be unpredictable, but when you do catch a glimpse of beautiful sunshine, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors and make the most of it.

What is Al fresco dining all about?

Al fresco is an Italian saying meaning “in fresh air” so when you hear of dining alfresco, it simply means enjoying a meal outside. This is by no means a variation of the standard ‘picnic’ though. This is much more sophisticated than that and usually involves beautiful laid tables and comfy seating, almost like a dinner party atmosphere, if you like.

What are the pros?

First and foremost, Al fresco dining is highly trendy today. Diners are seeking much more than just the food, they are looking for “the full experience” to go with it, and dining outdoors offers exactly that.

Restaurants who offer outdoor seating tend to attract more customers than those who don’t, so it’s the ideal way to boost revenue. Most diners agree that eating outside awakens the senses and seems to make the food taste better.

Provide extra square footage by adding an eating area outside, and you’ll be able to increase the number of meals you make and serve each night; again, this will help to improve business.

You cannot beat what Mother Nature has given us, outside dining enables restaurants to provide a backdrop for clients that simply couldn’t be replicated and experienced indoors. Depending on the location, of course, diners get to experience magnificent views and the ambience of natural surroundings and thus this makes people happy and festive, and happy customers no doubt hang around for longer, and spend more money.

People like to dine outside.

There is nothing better than enjoying a fantastic meal in good company making the most out of the weather and the views.

By bringing socialisation outside, outdoor spots draw positive attention to the restaurant while also increasing the seating capacity and boosting revenue potential.

Customers love to enjoy their meals comfortably seated whilst watching the world go by. And this is also a great way to attract more customers as it certainly will not go unnoticed by passers-by.

It could be a sidewalk spot on the side of the restaurant or the cafe with some windbreakers and outdoor awnings to protect from the elements. Or an interior patio with pergolas for shelter. Or even on a Rooftop with patio heaters, giant parasols, and pergolas to give ambience and comfort. Outdoor dining can offer a sense of peace and relaxation that most indoor spaces cannot.

So now that you’ve discovered the many ways in which to add Al fresco dining to your restaurant, why not give it a go, putting your imagination to the test, and see what wonderful ideas you can come up with, it’ll help to boost income and popularity.

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