5 Quick, healthy & yummy dishes that any guy can cook

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Cooking healthy, delicious meals can be daunting, especially for amateurs or people with little time to spend in the kitchen. 

However, whether you’re a bachelor craving for healthy homemade food or want to fix a quick meal and surprise your girlfriend or family, these quick and healthy recipes will come to your aid. 

  1. Hawaiian Omelet 

You can fix a quick meal with protein-packed eggs at any mealtime. This delicious omelet will have you tempted even before you start cooking. With the added goodness of pineapple mango salsa and bacon perfectly balance the sweet and salty flavors. If you’re worrying over the cholesterol present in eggs, be assured as it doesn’t impact your body’s cholesterol level.

With that issue being cleared you can have this mouthwatering Hawaiian Omelet at any time of the day you want. 

  1. Smoked trout pasta salad

Do you have leftover pasta but don’t know what to do with it? Before you’re the leftovers into bin, do try this quick and healthy smoked trout pasta recipe. Smoked trout is filled with proteins and lends a salty flavor to the recipe, which is balanced with avocado and other fresh vegetables.

  1. Egg Maggi

Ah, our favorite two-minute meal! When you’re starving or want to fix yourself a quick healthy dinner, cook egg Maggi instead of the usual one. Add chopped onions in the pan along with tomatoes, peas, beans or any other vegetables you like. Now add the noodles, water, and tastemaker. Next, add one egg and simmer till the noodles are cooked, and water evaporates. 

  1. Chicken curry

Chicken curry recipe is actually easy to make once you get the hand of this recipe. Try adding homemade spices and cook the gravy from scratch instead of using the ready to cook mixtures available in the market. Try once your homemade chicken curry with roti or rice, and you will want to cook it again and again.

  1. Aloo Matar

Aloo Matar recipe is one of the easy Indian recipes and favorite too! Lightly spiced peas and potatoes cooked in thin tomato gravy will leave the lingering taste on your mind. You will definitely love this homemade authentic aloo matar recipe either with roti or rice. 

Now that you have the list of easy and healthy recipes head over to the kitchen and try these recipes yourself. You’ll have the home-cooked healthy food more often. 


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